Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins Owns Part of Mr. Mesero. Rules: “Best Steak in Town!”

Gromer Jeffers Jr, a reporter for the Trail Blazers Blog at the Dallas Morning News, states the facts:

1. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is in the restaurant business. He owns a small stake in Mr. Mesero, an Uptown Mexican spot that opened late last year.

2. Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia, Jenkins’ Democratic ally on the commissioners court, also has an ownership stake, along with her husband, former state Rep. Domingo Garcia.

3. Jenkins said he was brought into the deal by Mico Rodriguez, who gave Dallas the popular Mi Cocina restaurants.

Nothing wrong with that. Gromer goes on to quote said judge: “We’ve got the best steak dish in town,” Jenkins boasted.

Whoa, judge! That is quite a ruling. Then Gromer points out: DMN dining diva, Leslie Brenner, gave the joint one star. If I were Gromer or Rodriguez, I would demand a retrial. I don’t know about the steak, but the food I’ve eaten at Mr. Mesero is four-star. Whoops, I don’t do stars. Therefore, I call on a jury of my peers.


  • Ditto

    Brenner is clueless. I love this place.

  • My love is clear: http://bit.ly/Love_Mesero

  • BorntoRhone

    Mr. Mesero’s food is wonderful – I always feel happy after I’ve eaten there and the staff is really great.

  • allison

    People still read Leslie Brenner?

  • lk

    I don’t know about the steak either, I’m too busy eating the enchiladas, tacos and queso. Love this place.

  • JS

    I don’t care about Leslie Brenner’s reviews, but thank you for the information – I will sure never to go there again!

  • Helen of Trois

    I agree with Brenner. One star. Maybe two.