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Chefs for Farmers Announce Mixin’ it up on the Boulevard Line-Up for May 6

By Carol Shih |

If you ever wanted to see a burger showdown, it might behoove you to attend this outdoor foodie fest where chefs like John Tesar and Jack Perkins will be joining over thirty amazing chefs to celebrate the local farm movement. Chef Matt McCallister, Iris McCallister, and Christina LaBarba are organizing this showcase for May 6 from 1-5 PM in Lee Park, where guests can bring their own picnic blankets and wine glasses to enjoy some of the most talented chefs’ creations.

Participating chefs include: Abraham Salum, Al Havens, Anastasia Quiñones, Andre Natera, Andrew Bell, Andrew Ormsby, Blaine Staniford, Brian C. Luscher, Bruno Davaillon, Chad Houser, Dan Landsberg, David A. Temple, David Gilbert, Franchesca Nor, Garreth Dickey, Graham Dodds, Greg Bussey, Hollie Dorethy, Jack Perkins, Janice Provost, Jason Maddy, Jeff Harris, Jeffrey Hobbs, Jill Bates, John Tesar, Jon Stevens, Josh Black, Katherine Clapner, Matt McCallister, Nathan Tate, Randall Copeland, Sarah Green, Scott Gottlich, Scott Romano, Tiffany Derry and Tre Wilcox.

Tickets are $60 per person or $110 for two. Mixin’ it up on the Boulevard is giving away 100% of its proceeds to Meals on Wheels, Inc. and Water for Chizavane. Buy your tickets here.