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Anthony Bourdain Bows to BBQ Snob Daniel Vaughn: Texas Barbecue is Good

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Some many caption possibilites; so little time. Daniel Vaughn and Anthony Bourdain in Austin.
Some many caption possibilities; so little time. Daniel Vaughn and Anthony Bourdain in Austin.

I chatted with BBQ Snob Daniel blog “Full Custom Gospel BBQ” Vaughn late yesterday afternoon as he was making the drive back to Dallas from Austin. Vaughn was invited to Austin to film a No Reservations episode on barbecue. Last week, Vaughn and host Anthony Bourdain tested the fare at Franklin Barbecue in Austin. After the meal, Bourdain tweeted: “The indescribable awesomeness that is Franklin Barbecue” accompanied by a photo of the meats served at the holy ‘cue spot.

Yesterday, the brisket-breathed duo met up again at JMueller BBQ in South Austin. “I think I changed his mind about Texas barbecue,” said Vaughn. “He was blown away by the brisket at Franklin’s and the ribs at Mueller.”

I asked Vaughn if he knew how many times Bourdain had tried barbecue in Texas. “I’m not sure, but I remember seeing him [on No Reservations] eat at some place outside of Waco with Ted Nugent,” Vaughn said. “We spent a long time talking about what make Texas barbecue good and what makes it crappy. I think he has changed his mind and come around.” Apparently Bourdain’s top spot is Oklahoma Joe’s in KC. I guess we’ll find out who comes out on top next fall when the barbecue show featuring Daniel Vaughn will air.