Spread Eagle Saloon Spreads its Wings Today

Krista Nightengale discovered breastaurant-ish Spread Eagle Saloon last August, and since then we’ve been eager to see how its marketing team would deal with such a, uh, wonderful name. Turns out today is owner Scott Scripps’ Grand Opening Party featuring $3 drinks and live entertainment starting at 8pm. I’d rewrite the rest of the press release, but it’s more effective if you read it yourself. Couldn’t have said it any better.

Guests will be able to order from the full menu which contains starters like the Pork Belly Stuffed Jalapenos with Honey-Bourbon Shiner Bock Glaze, Roasted Garlic Goat Cheese Fritters, or a Scotch Egg; Sandwiches like The Loaf (meatloaf with pickled shallots and Muenster cheese on a Ciabatta bun), or the Pig Press (smoked ham w/pork belly, sweet pickles, and Swiss cheese), or a “Traditionally Awesome” Turkey Club. In addition to the food, visitors to Spread Eagle Saloon can order from the distinct beer menu which features over 40 varieties of traditional American, Overseas, and American Craft Beers, all served cold in the can. A popular recent trend in craft brewing, canning provides for a fresh product uncontaminated by light and loss of carbonation and is environmentally friendly by means of recycling and lesser shipping weight.

Spread Eagle Saloon is owned and operated by Dallas native and SMU grad Scott Scripps. Scripps is a downtown resident as well and so is invested both personally and financially in the success of Dallas’ core neighborhood.

As for the name? Well, let’s just say there may have been some drinks involved.

Restaurant hours run from 4pm-2am on Monday through Sunday; kitchen closes at 11pm. Lunch and day-time hours will be added in mid-March.


  • That is just so outrageous. I can’t wait to check it out!

  • TLS

    So I guess Mr. Scott Scripps is perpetually drunk as he could have changed that name at any point. Oh well, we’ll laugh about it years from now, remembering how it only lasted a few months. The food actually sounds good but I can’t get past the name. Nor do I want it showing up on my credit card statement.

  • Neal Z

    To all that have been eager to check this place out , you have been waiting a long time to be dissappointed. It will be a good start for when the next owner takes it over .Not sure why if the food is so great there , people seem to be ordering in delivery from somewhere else .Been there a couple time to give it a chance,but they have a long road ahead of them if they want to succeed.Not sure about it being much of a breastaurant ,so if that is what you were looking for I would go else where .

  • SDM

    looking at their Facebook page it seems it’s been open since the Super Bowl, 3+ weeks ago.

  • Rangers100

    Was there tonight.

    Unfortunate name but a really cool bar in a really cool neighborhood. A diverse, professional crowd. Good people and good times.

    People not living downtown right now are really missing out.

  • Darren

    Just looking at the hours tells you that this is a bar that serves food, not a restaurant.

  • Downtownist

    It’s not a breastaurant. The owner tells this story– someone from DMN came to interview him about opening the bar, and it went like this:

    DMN: So, it’s a breastaurant, right?

    Owner: No… anyway, we’re going to have lots of canned beers and music and food.

    DMN: But it’s a breastaurant?

    Owner: No. I mean, I might hire some pretty waitresses, but no, not a breastaurant.


    Owner: *sigh* Whatever.