Random Notes: New Technology Creates Luxury At Hôtel Plaza Athénée In Paris

I get a lot of press releases. Many of them are misdirected messages about skin care products, fashion tips with subject lines like: Gear Up For National Bike Month. The letters of the delete button on my keyboard reads “d…te.” My ring finger was headed for “d…te” until the words in the subject line—luxury, Athénée, Paris—leaked through my tired brain. For perspective: the least expensive, off-season room at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée is around $1,400 bucks a night. With that, I copy and paste one of the new technologies they have added to their amenities. I want this so bad.

Serene Sleep – Guests can now bid troubled sleep and jetlag symptoms farewell with the NightCove Sleep Solution, available in the property’s Art Deco Suites and at the Dior Institut Spa. Developed by the Sleep Clinic at Hotel-Dieu hospital in Paris, this device is a unique bedside lamp that helps improve the quality of sleep by bathing guests in selected light wavelengths and sound frequencies that are specially adapted for the physiological needs of sleep. Click on “Sleep/Anti-jetlag/Nap” to stimulate melatonin with a red glow and the hush of waves, then greet the day with a “Wakening” of soft music and blue light similar to early daylight.

Sigh. “d…te.”