Old Smith and Wollensky in North Dallas to Become Pappasito’s Cantina?

That is what Mike “Quick Draw” Hiller is reporting. The green and white building on the North Dallas Tollroad, just north of Frankfort, closed over five years ago. I can’t imagine the condition of the interior. Wonder if they are going to tear it down and start over. I’d watch that wrecking party. That place is ugly from the front.


  • Threeboys

    The sale or lease of this building to Pappas was reported in the Morning News business section the last week of January. In it they announced that it would be a Pappasitas.

  • SarahB

    Mike Hiller is wrong again.

  • Robert S

    They will probably have to tear it down…A couple of years ago thieves broke in and striped the building of anything/everything copper. Pipes, wire etc. The place has to be a wreck.

  • Careful Reader

    @SarahB, exactly how is Mike Hiller wrong? The building was indeed sold and will indeed become a Pappasito’s.

  • Gipson

    I miss Smith & Wollensky’s. Their long-running “Pay Your Age” deal with an appetizer, bitchin’ steak and dessert was pretty sweet when the wife and I were 23. (Although we had to pay the $25 minimum.)

  • Twinwillow

    Tearing it down and building a new restaurant to serve their needs is the smart thing to do. And the Pappas group are just smart enough to do it right.