Occupy Nana: A Peaceful, Tell-Your-Nana-Love-Stories Protest to Keep it Alive

My plea: I can’t write it, sing it, dance it, or say any better than Neil Sedaka. You can help save Nana by writing your stories about your experiences at Nana. Put on your go-go boots and come-a come-a, down dooby do down, down to the comments.


  • bc

    My wife and I had been married for about 6 months when I decided to try a vegan diet. Her being a little apprehensive, I thought it best to show her we could still enjoy fine dining with our diet differences. Enter Nana. They had a 10 course tasting menu (with wonderful wine pairings) for each of us: one standard, one vegan. We sat against the window overlooking downtown, had incredible food, and got drunk on wine and atmosphere. I took the time to send Chef Bombaci an email the next day to thank him for making that wonderful evening possible with his all-inclusive menu, and mentioned my favorite dishes as well as the fact that we’d accidentally left our printed menus behind but would remember to take them with us the next time we dined at Nana. Later that week, I received copies of our menus in the mail, each signed with a nice note, as well as the recipe for the dish I enjoyed the most. Stellar service from cocktails right up to a week after. That’s how to impress a diner…

  • DesignBoy

    I celebrated an anniversary there once when chef David McMillan and GM Paul Pinnell were still there. It was a special meal. I’ve always enjoyed chef Bombcci’s inventive fare as well. But a steakhouse? No thanks. Dallas doesn’t need another one of those.

  • brenda

    We have spent 4 Valentines days at Nana’s. Truly my favorite place. The beautiful, articulate menu’s and wine pairings were balanced, tasty, gorgeous, intriguing at times and always masterful. It saddens me to think of this delicate flower of a restaurant wil be turned into, yet again, another steak house. If the anatole needs a steak house, let them build it somewhere else, but leave Nana’s alone.

  • My first time at Nana was when Robbin Haas was chef in the ’80’s. Ron Rosenbaum had left The Mansion and was working there as well.

  • Margaret

    Ahhh…. sad to hear this! While we have dined there throughout the years. Two things stand out. I always took my Mom there on Thanksgiving for the Thanksgiving (massive!) Buffett before the Cowboy Game. It was our tradtion for several years.

    I also loved going to drink grown up cocktails and dancing to the sounds of Hunter Sullivan and his big band!! We had such great memories from all of our times there,

  • Andrew Chalk
  • Laurie

    In 1983(!), my sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner was held there.

  • Annie

    Seriously………another steakhouse? Dallas just doesn’t need another one….this city needs to keep the few gems it has!

  • primi timpano

    This says so much more about what is wrong with Dallas gastronomy. Nana not only has a tasting menu, but a vegetarian and vegan tasting menus, as well. Superb service, beautiful atmosphere, excellent cooking. But when I was there last July it was almost empty. Someone once told me that one gets what he or she deserves to receive. In Dallas we receive burgers, steak, and ersatz Tex-Mex. Nana will be missed.

  • Amy

    I’ve only been to Nana once, but it’s so special to me. My now husband took me here on a date early in our relationship. It was the same night he first told me he loved me. Don’t close Nana!!!!!

  • Alana

    My husband proposed at Nana. He was so worried about making a good proposal that he swore to his mother he wouldn’t propose unless the meal was amazing. Luckily for both of us, the meal was amazing, and the moment was perfect. Furthermore, I must say that the lamb dish I had that night was one of the best (if not the best) lamb dishes I’ve ever had–and I love lamb and order it every chance I get! We recently went to a two-star Michelin restaurant in Paris, and when I got my lamb, I couldn’t help but say “It’s not as good as the lamb at Nana.” Nana will always hold a very special place in our hearts and stomachs.

  • Amanda

    My husband also proposed at Nana. I vividly remember looking out the window at the beautiful view, then looking over at my now husband on his knee next to me. I’ll never forget it or our night there.

  • Amy S

    @primi timpano – It was not always this way! Before del Frisco’s opened on Lemmon the only upscale steak I can remember in Dallas was in a French restaurant. We had so many “New” American (whatever that means now) places popping up. Danielle Custer at the Sheraton Park Central, Agnews up in Addison, Routh Street and Baby Routh, Dakota’s (wasn’t always a steak house, don’t you know?), and Nana.

  • Rebross

    As a former employee of Nana, my most favorite story was when Dottie Griffith showed up on a slow, slow Sunday evening and the bartender was a temp and didn’t know how to make a Negroni, so he called around to the other outlets and the bartenders working that evening didn’t know how to make a Negroni either! Then the bartender proceeds to start calling employees at home on a Sunday evening. Dottie wrote about the whole thing in her review several years ago; just thinking about the incident makes me laugh.

  • Chris S

    I had my first taste of foie gras at Nana. It was an otherworldly experience. I literally laughed to myself uncontrollably. Many great meals with family. A few nice evenings in the bar as, seated under the alluring gaze of Nana herself. It will be missed.