Kid Kritic: Fuzzy’s Tacos in Dallas

This month our Kid Kritic, 10-year old Elizabeth Chandler, tells you what she thinks of the new Fuzzy’s Taco Shop near Love Field.  Previously, she has expressed her views on grilled cheese sandwiches and cupcakes.  We’re sensing a pattern:  Restaurants should note her gripes about skimping on the kid’s menu portion.

I don’t usually like Mexican food but this is great. From burritos to enchiladas to tacos.  It’s a great place for a get-together or a family dinner.  It’s not a fast-food place but it’s not a fancy schmancy kind of place.  The menu has a wide variety, which is good for large families (4 plus).  I don’t know about your family but in mine everybody likes way different things to eat. Since I usually eat from the kids plate, I’m happy to say that the food portion actually fits a child’s needs. I mean, sometimes other restaurants always give the adults the larger portions. There’s a reason everybody says: “She’s a growing child!”  I’ve never heard: “She’s a growing adult!”

So the reason I’m reviewing Fuzzy’s is not because they’re new, but because there is a new location at 4740 W. Mockingbird Lane near Love Field and they take care of kids.  I really like Fuzzy’s and I know you will too! Ta-Ta!!!


  • John

    That’s great that they serve smaller portions for kids, but they need to start serving milk if they really want families to dine there. I took my son to the one in at Park & 75 (Plano) and was met with a “are you kidding me?” look when I asked if they had milk.

  • She actually means it the other way around: Fuzzy’s kids menu is not a smaller portion. They fit the growing child.

  • Jerome

    Why isn’t there a Fuzzy’s in Frisco? Every surrounding city has one except Frisco……

  • Shawn

    I don’t know about the other stores, but the 2 Dallas Fuzzy’s on mockingbird (east one by whiterock and west by lovefield) have milk available. It’s in the small cartons where the bottle drinks are.

  • Eagles

    I’m not sure why the availability of milk is the major concern here…the food at Fuzzy’s is so incredibly salty that I get puffy just driving past the place. I think monitoring a child’s sodium intake is just as important as sugar and fat.

  • Anonymous

    Milk? Really people!

  • Broncos

    Salty? I think not.

  • Laurie

    If you have to have milk, how hard is it stop at a Starbucks along the way? I wouldn’t trust the freshness anywhere other than a place that sells a lot of coffee.