James Beard Foundation Awards Five Dallas Restaurants and Chefs

[Editor’s Note: My bad. I changed the title of this blog post to reflect my newfound attitude. Nancy wants to add her take: “This is actually a great showing for Dallas. Flavor Hook is the name of Nick Badovinus’ company which operates four restaurants in Dallas. He is very low key and has never used a publicist or PR agency, and it is a big deal that he was nominated. Same for Bruno.”]

We’re proud that Texas has a strong showing in this year’s semifinals, but we’re not at all surprised by the results. Stephan Pyles is competing in the “Outstanding Chef” category, while Nick Badovinius of Flavor Hook is rockin’ “Outstanding Restauranteur.” The Best Chefs, SW could possibly be Dallas hotshots Teiichi Sakurai or Bruno Davaillon, depending on where those James Beardists like to get their seafood.

I added the tallies, and it’s a bit disappointing that we’re behind Houston, that sprawling mess of a city. See? Houston: 6, Dallas: 5, Austin: 3, Irving: 1

The final nominations will be announced on March 19. Cross your fingers, Dallas.


  • Food Girl

    That sprawling mess of a city you refer to has the best and most progressive dining scene in Texas.

  • Jo Bennett

    Do you think there just might be a creative void here in DFW area?Zagat stopped publishing because that was their finding several years ago…same input in same output out!

  • LJT

    Gosh, it’s no wonder you hate to dine alone, you must be horrible company with your “too cool for school – I’m so over it – oh, that’s SO boring” attitude.

  • B

    Give me a break Bruno really.. Not exactly at the tip of the tongue of top chef’s in Dallas. When was the last time we heard about how great the Mansion food is.

  • Darren

    Um, is Nick opening up another new restaurant so soon? Never heard of Flavor Hook.

    BTW Carol, your headline reads as a slap in the face to the chefs.

  • Janelle

    Flavor Hook is the name of his company which runs/operates Neighborhood Services (x3) and Off Site Kitchen. Similar to how Consilient would be the parent company operating the restaurants which consist of Fireside Pies, Victor Tangos, Porch, etc.

    Hope that helps, Darren

  • Kirk

    “Restauranteur”? Texas Monthly knows how to spell it correctly. You may want to look at theirs.

  • Sarah Eveans

    I was excited to see Teach and Bruno nominated—this is a big deal! Whom did you expect would be nominated? Teach and Bruno aren’t exactly “the old guard” around town, so the fact that they are getting recognized should be applauded, not dismissed.

  • JK

    You also failed to count that San Antonio had 3 spots, El Paso had 1, and Marfa also had 1 on the list.

  • Hear, hear, Sarah.
    Also: “The Best Chefs, SW could possibly be Dallas hotshots Teiichi Sakurai or Bruno Davaillon, depending on where those James Beardists like to get their seafood.” ???
    Bruno doesn’t feature fish exclusively, and Teiich specializes in masterful soba dishes, inventive savory japanese specials, and brilliant “omakase” menus – as well as spectacular fresh fish.
    (Big surprise I defend my boys, I know…)

  • DGirl

    Thanks, LeBrad, for standing up for the chefs! I think I speak for a lot of people in the Dallas F&B scene when I say that it is AWESOME to be on JBF’s radar screen for these awards – well deserved! It would be great for the entire city of Dallas for the nation and the world to know that we have a sophisticated, dynamic food scene. Yes, we do.