Jack in the Box Offers Bacon Milkshakes

The world is going pig-crazy.

On Friday, I heard that Jack in the Box was offering a very limited number of bacon milkshakes as a secret menu item. Did anyone get a chance to try one? I almost dropped everything to go search for one, but then I remembered my sanity. Now I’m lying deep in the trenches of regret.


  • Martin

    I love bacon, but that sounds disgusting.

  • Mary

    if this is a pancake ‘n maple syrup-flavored shake with a hint of bacon… this could be delicious.

  • @Mary According to the website, it’s “Made with real vanilla ice cream, bacon flavored syrup, whipped topping and a maraschino cherry.”

    It’s also 773 calories for a 16 oz. and 1081 calories for the 24 oz. (!!!)

  • Marvin Lee

    Gee. Thanks for letting DFW know the scoop. Uh next time take that hit for the team and actually get one, give us your thoughts perhaps…

  • That sounds delicious! I can’t believe Jack n the Box are the ones who had the guts to do it. Can’t wait to try it. But you write “secret” menu item. Meaning it’s not on the menu? Man, Jack is going cognoscenti on us….

  • Anne

    Disgusting, vomiting, just the thought of finding new ways to use, abuse, murder, butcher and slaughter more animals is so disgusting! Get real! Get healthy! Go Vegan! Get Real Healthy! Have a heart, have some compassion for the other animals that walk on this planet with us!

  • Genny

    So I got one today. I could only take one sip. It tasted just like bacon.. a Mapley Porky taste. Despite my experience, my dad thought it tasted like peanut butter. You really have to try it for yourself !

  • @Genny Which location???