Grand Reopening: Place at Perry’s

Ahi tuna nachos with red chili and wasabi paste (photos by Jason Acton)

The old Place at Perry’s (from what I’ve heard) was dark and stuffy. No windows. No light. After three months of shutting down its entire operation, the Place at Perry’s has now reopened in a new location at 2680 Cedar Springs Road. Same owner, same chef Jaime Corona, but a completely new staff and vibe. The new building is swanky, hip, and modern. And it’s definitely worth checking out.

Jump for pretty pictures by Jason Acton.

Entryway: An edible garden in the patio area that Chef Corona uses in some of his dishes.

In the front of the restaurant: a striking red glass piece called the “Crimson Cascade” by artisan David Gappa, an opening dining area with moderate natural light, and pops of color among grey neutral furniture.

In the back: a hidden-away 1920s speakeasy bar where two bartenders serve gastronomy cocktails. There’s a separate entrance to the bar; it’s dark and has the same feel as the old Place at Perry’s for old, loyal customers.

Good eats: At this media event I was invited to, the Place at Perry’s served finger foods that customers can find on their menu. There were jumbo crab cakes with mustard remoulade, shrimp and grits with green onion, seasonal tomatoes with mozz, and my favorite: the ahi tuna nachos. The nacho skin was thin and crispy, which paired perfectly with the fresh ahi tuna.

The final say: Plenty of space for diners, love the speakeasy feel, and I can’t stop thinking about those ahi tuna nachos.

Place at Perry’s
2680 Cedar Springs Rd.
Dallas, TX 75201