• Lee

    Stuck around 75208 this week. At Nova, we revisited the smoked salmon potato skins. Wow. Why did we stop ordering them? Only complaint: small bites and only 4 to an order, but damn good. The 4 meat pizza (all meats from Jimmie’s) is still one of the best pizzas in town. Place was packed too. We also tried to the new 303 in Bishop Arts. Solid place too. The duck fat fries were perfectly fried and had great flavor, they just were underseasoned. With a couple of shakes from the salt shaker, they were perfect. The menu elevates bar food and lets you watch the game with something other than wings, even a good salad with house smoked salmon on it.

  • TLS

    Tried Nosh in Plano. We have liked the original Nosh but this location has problems. Just about every dish we ordered was over seasoned. The Ice salad was completely drenched in dressing. My side car was made with Maker’s Mark instead of Remy Martin (as advertised on the menu) and was so strong it was undrinkable. As it was $12 I sent it back. We will try the place again because I do like that they offer several interesting daily specials and maybe they were having an off night. Hold the salt.

  • Amy S

    Dragonfly, what a beautiful patio. Tented, with the pool covered, then topped with cushy furniture. Dinner inside was just as delicious, there was house cured duck bacon, chicken fried quail, scallops with foie gras.

  • Beda

    Acme Oysters and Lil Dizzy on Esplanade and Lilette in the Garden District – oh my!

  • Donaji Lira

    Went to Private Social, wow, what a dining experience! We started with the Fluke and the Baby Beet Salad from the Private Menu. The Fluke was drizzled with Yuzu-Jalapeno Nage, and served with Radishes, Cilantro and Avocado. It was so fresh & light and the flavors were wonderful together. The Baby Beet Salad included Gold Beets and was served with Goat Cheese Mousse, Arugula and Pistachio Vinaigrette, so lovely! We then went on to Chef Tiffany Berry’s Signature dish, “Top Chef Pork Buns”. I can’t even explain the fabulous flavors that put together this Crispy Pork, Pickled Slaw & Fresh Herb creation, sooo delicious! Finally, we ended with the Composed Cheese Plate; Cana de Cabra on top of croustades drizzled with Local Honey, Greens & Radishes. I might add the 2009 Pinon Vouvray was my choice of wine for this very memorable dinner and worked very well with all of our selections. I can’t wait to go back! This has been my favorite dining experience so far in the 6 weeks I’ve been back in Dallas.

  • Cassi

    We have always gone to Charlie Palmer or York St for our anniversary but this year we thought we would do something different since one is closed and the other is in transition. We have always wanted to try Trulucks all-you-can-eat stone crab. So we starved all day and headed over to Addison. When making reservations, the hostess asked if we were celebrating anything special. I mentioned our anniversary. When we arrived, we self parked and walked in. The valet did not greet us nor did he open the door within reach. Mkayyyyy. We entered and a waitress and hostess were confused and arguing over seating for an 8 top that arrived before us. Mkayyy. We were seated and greeted by a waiter that seemed efficient. We relaxed. He brought menu’s and we said we wanted to try the all you can eat stone crab. He seemed surprised. Mkayyy. He made a wine recommendation and the next few minutes were spent reminiscing about out marriage and reflected on our good times and wonderful children. I ordered lobster bisque. Hubby did too. Mine was cold, his was lukewarm. We were offered more but declined. On to the crab. It was just okay. Served on a bed of ice, at times it was almost too cold. I would have like it warm. We recieved our check for $150ish and mourned York Street. It was not until we got home that we realized our anniversary was not acknowledged in any way. Mkayyy.
    Also tried Twisted Root burger in Fairview. I had the mushroom burger and my cousin had a cheeseburger. The food was a 3 out of a 10 at first. But as my meal settled, I started to become ill. All I wanted was that food OUT of my stomach. I was desperate. I went to the restroom and I did something I have never done before. I stuck my finger down my throat to rid myself of that horrible meal. Sorry to offend but it was that bad. In addition, the snark vibe is a big turn off. Never again.

  • Cellarmaster

    My friends an I had brunch at Cafe Maya in Oak Cliff on Sunday. The food was incredible and the bottomless mango mimosas at $8 were a no brainer. We started with the Diablitos de Mariscos ( Crab and shrimp stuffed fried jalapenos) and the Queso Maya. The queso was a little watery but the flavors spot on. The entrees were incredible from Chili rellenos to motulenos and incredible tacos(I had a sampler of the Cochinita pibil, barbacoa and the carnitas, all perfect!). The owner Sergio runs the place with his wife and are related to the Ojeda family(can’t remember how 🙁 ). Check this place out as it’s sure to become a hit with the OC dwellers!

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  • Liz G.

    Finally convinced the hubby to let us go to Bolsa for brunch and not his beloved Oddfellows. What a disappointment! I ordered that Top 5 List Bloody Mary and it was undrinkable. It was so spicy…like drinking straight habanero juice. I like a Bloody Mary with a kick…but this was more like having glass shards poured down my throat. Hubby even said it was too hot – and he likes spicy a lot more than me.
    After that, my taste buds were obliterated and I just had to pack my quiche to heat up later….much later. I couldn’t tolerate anything until the evening. The quiche was tasty but I’d much rather have enjoyed it there.
    Back to Oddfellows for us!