Fish City Grill on Henderson is Closing

Bill and Lovett Bayne have announced the closing of Fish City Grill on Henderson. Their last day will be Sunday, February 19th. Go and say goodbye.


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  • W

    Wow, that shopping center seems to be mostly cursed (with the exception of Sushi Axiom). Urbano, Natsumi, Horne & Dekker, now Fish City…

  • Veritas is a-rockin’!

  • Kris

    Urbano is NOT closed and is alive and well on Fitzhugh next to Jimmy’s Grocery Store. W. is thinking of the short lived “Urbino”. Thanks!

  • Steve

    Why are they closing? Business not as good as it used to be or rent too high? I really enjoyed their food and the waitstaff was always A+ and friendly.

  • SarahB

    Bummer. Liked this place but they another location not far from my office. That strip of Henderson is for D-bags.

  • Good clarification. I prefer to read it Marcy

  • Thanks for your reason. I love make out the print Marcy Lu

  • why no one goes there

    Maybe people would go to the shopping center if they didn’t FORCE valet when it’s not needed.

  • Twinwillow

    When the owner of one of the former tenants told me what the rents are like in that strip, it’s a wonder that any of the places there are still in business! And, forced valet parking doesn’t help the situation.