Eat This Now: Smoked Gouda Dip at Murray’s Cheese Shop

Last year, we reported on the invasion of the New York City cheese shop, Murray’s Cheese, to the great state of Texas.  Perhaps some brushed it aside, after all, Murray’s decided to set up shop in the inconspicuous deli sections of Krogers across Dallas.  Indeed, many people have likely passed by their cheese stands many times while shopping, assuming they were no more important than the stale donuts and Boar’s Head deli meat in their near vicinity.  However, take it from me, this is one kiosk you do not want to miss.  Quality cheeses flood the few tables and displays they maintain, alongside cured meats, crackers, dips, olives, jams, antipasto, dried fruit and nuts.

I am a complete sucker for the little old ladies dishing out their free samples, but never before has a woman in a hair net rocked my world as much as the day I was first taunted to try Murray’s Smoked Gouda Dip.  It has found a permanent place in our grocery basket for the last few months, indeed there has probably not been a trip to the store in which it didn’t return home with us.

An assortment of goods from Murray's

It’s a simple concoction and may not be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever eaten, but it packs a punch of smoky, salty flavor.  The aged gouda is smoked and shred, mixed with mayo and chopped red onion.  It’s not going to take the place of your favorite breath mint anytime soon, but I’m sure you’ll be more than content to grab a carton of dip, a package of thin, crispy crackers and spend the entire night on you couch with no one else besides your TV and a cold Diet Coke.  Plus, I doubt you’ll want to share anyways.


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  • Critic

    A diet coke,, please!
    At least you could be sipping a decent red wine with your Gouda. Now I have no belief in your cheese selection.

  • Laurie

    The cheese section at the Kroger on Mockingbird doesn’t seem special to me. Same-looking cheeses wrapped in plastic wrap, with no one at counter as before. Same buffet of olives, dips, etc. as before, as well. I don’t get it. Central Market is a mile away, and there is always someone there to help me and answer questions. On the upside, I saw Patrick Duffy last time I was at Kroger. My guess was that he was staying at the Hotel Palomar.

  • Susan Hamm

    I tried this dip this week also and loved it. Similar to the dill pimiento cheese and smoked gouda dips that I had to figure out the recipes for at Whole Foods (since I was going to spend a fortune buying them otherwise). Okay, white wine would be nice with the smoked gouda dip.

  • Bill B.

    If you are having getting service at 518 try 577 at Los Colinas their service is great

  • JT4242

    Which Krogers carry Murrays?

  • Bill B.

    The Mockingbird store 518 Los Colinas 577 and Heritage Trace in Fort Worth 542