Dinner for Two by Sharon Hage Available at Bolsa Mercado Today

Sharon Hage is preparing bagged-up-and-ready-to-go dinners for two.

“Shepherd’s Pie” with turkey, Tom’s turnip mash, Bibb salad with chopped winter vegetables and Meyer lemon vinaigrette. $19.99

Her recommended wine pairings are:

Red: Casamatta Toscana 2009  (11.99)

White: Tranquillo Texas White Table Wine 2010 (13.99)  Drew Hendricks Wine.

Wines available Bolsa Mercado. No phone orders. They’ll be ready to purchase at 4PM.


  • Shannah

    Today only? {sadness if so…crap schedule keeps me out of the OC today…}

  • Kathy

    Where is this place? There’s no address to come to.

  • Miguel

    The last few times I’ve been to the Mercado they’ve been very slow. Perhaps the chefs they’ve hired haven’t drawn the crowds they need, so they’ve brought in Hage to do just that. Which she will — love her — but please, Sharon, come back to LAKEWOOD!

    While I enjoy the Bolsa Mercado concept (the concept, not the reality), let me get picky and say that I think it’s a bit much expecting folks to pay $4.99 for San Marzanos when at Jimmy’s I can get the same 28 oz. can for less, not to mention at Central Market, too. The products on the shelves are the same “local” products at Farmers Markets (Paul Wacky Wackym, Grapevine Grains, Homestead Gristmill, etc.), and other specialty stores (Scardello, Jimmy’s, etc.). Doesn’t anyone get that there just aren’t enough LOCAL artisans around to keep opening local store after local store featuring local goods? I’m all for it, don’t get me wrong, but then Local Yocal and Urban Acres and Mercado and Jimmy’s and Scardello – it’s all the same “local” stuff on the shelves. (On the shelves, I’m talking!)

    The produce at Mercado left something to be desired. Why have local greens in the cooler and generic bell peppers and shipped-in Pineapple as the produce you’re featuring? Are people in the OC THAT desparate?

    Lastly, the soba noodles featured as a quick grab item were so bad they were practically inedible. I suppose once you’ve been to Tei An, you’re spoiled. I am not trying to be a negative ninny, but I just don’t see that this concept has longevity. When will people realize that Dallas is not NYC or L.A., and that the OC isn’t Brooklyn??? (Please alert the behind-the-counter staff at Mercado that it’s okay to smile, too.)

  • Kathy, sorry i deleted the link to the store. It’s active now.

  • Kathy

    Nevermind … I researched and found you … we’ll be there!!!

  • Jimmy Contreras

    Miguel, for not wanting to come across as a “negative ninny,” you failed miserably.

  • Carol Hagler

    We have picked up the dinners for two several times and they have all been delicious. I am hoping that this concept does have longevity because it’s such a treat to stop and pick up a complete meal after a long day!

  • Jeannie

    Damn I just read this? Do they have a website or email blast I can sign up for?

  • Yes, you do sound like a ninny. I personally don’t mind paying a tad extra to not have to leave my neighborhood to finally get local goods. It’s not perfect yet, no, but it gets better every week and we do go a few times a week. I still go to jimmys for goods, but now I have an option without crossing the river into traffic during the week. Maybe you should stop wishing that OC is brooklyn. We know what we have here.