Dallas SWAT Officer Shoots and Kills Chef Travis Henderson

I just received word from Tracey Evers of the Dallas Restaurant Association: former chef and co-owner of The Place at Perry’s, Travis Henderson, was killed earlier this morning in Carrollton by a member of the Dallas SWAT team. The news of Henderson’s death is heartbreaking. Henderson was a devoted, hard-working chef. While he was chef at The Place at Perry’s, he was in constant contact with the media and promoted the restaurant and his co-workers with great pride. Henderson was the creator of one of the best chicken-fried steaks in Dallas. He was a lovely person and his talent will be missed. R.I.P, dear Travis. Dallas will not be the same without you.


  • David Dawson

    I am sadden by this change of events. We may never know what steps lead to end of this ? I have a son who is a chef and has told me of the long hours and stress of the restaurant business.

  • Mb

    Love and miss you chef

  • Pat K

    Travis and his family were neighbors for several years in Carrollton. He was a very good neighbor and pleasant to talk with in the front yard. Can’t imagine what might have gone wrong on scene with Dallas Swatt other than an over zealous swatt officer looking for his next kill. Carrollton PD obviously felt under staffed on scene and called Dallas PD in. Dallas brought the calvary in for this hurting soul who hadn’t been a threat to anybody other than himself. There were no fewer than 50 DPD including a swatt team and two armored vehicles on scene for one person who hadn’t committed a crime or threatened anyone. The church had a function going on but according to those I spoke to (a Pastor and staff at the church) everybody in the church had been tucked away in a safe place and the church was locked down. Apparently police had made contact with Travis (we may never know the truth about that conversation) and he exited his vehicle with his gun in hand. One high powered shot rang out (heard for miles I’m sure) at close range based on the marks left on the ground by investigators. All the DPD started moving out like roaches including the fire truck and ambulance. This was a Homicide committed by Dallas Swatt in an effort to bring this situation to a close asap. I think Travis Henderson’s blood is on the hands of the Dallas Police Department. I hope you sleep well knowing you’ve committed murder.

  • Donna

    Travis was a friend related by marriage. I can NOT imagine what he did to deserve this. He was a very hard working, dedicated chef, friend, father, neighbor, brother & son. This is very sad and our prayers go out to his family.

  • clint

    To Pat K: what a disgusting comment. You have absolutely no knowledge of the facts or situation and your inflammatory statements serve no purpose. You can rot in Hell.

  • Kenny Mills

    Can everyone please remember Travis has a family and friends and this moment they need to hear how much there son, father, brother, friend and Chef meant to all of us in the restaurant business. While it may matter later how and why this happened. Right NOW please be respectful and understand that his family and friends will be reading this and be comforted by how much respect we had for him.
    I always found Travis to be professional and respected by his peers. He was a talented cook and even though I was not a close friend, I still considered Travis a friend and he motivated me to be better. Thank you Travis RIP

  • Katie M.

    I am so sorry. A tragic loss.

  • Mike

    Wise words Kenny. Clint. Shut up. Pat. It ain’t right. Just wrong.

  • Truth???

    I did not know Travis very well but in the many times I saw & spoke with him I found him very kind & upbeat. Anyone could tell he was a gentle soul. My prayers are with his friends & family. I have to agree with Pat K & Donna…I can’t understand how or why he was shot. Especially by the SWAT team? It wasn’t just like he was pulled over randomly by the Carroltton PD & pulled a gun. They knew the situation & called the Dallas SWAT team to diffuse it. And I am perplexed why with all the teams resources & training anyone would put themselves in the line of fire (not that I think he would have ever shot them) or even approach the vehicle unprotected after such a short time to shoot him. I would think there were other options such as tear gas, or just wearing him down with peaceful talks for a few hours, especially since he was alone in a secured site. This sounds like he was stormed by the Dallas Swat team in no time at all? And with all the protective options they have it breaks my heart this happened,

  • Pat K

    My family and I offer our heartfelt condolences to the Henderson family, our prayers are with you.

    After watching the events of last night unfold before our eyes and realizing this morning that this was in fact a friend of ours. I came to realize that we were probably the only people that both new Travis and witnessed from a distance the events of last night. I have been very upset all day knowing how this tragedy took place.
    Sorry never meant to inflame anyone just thought I would vent with the facts.

  • Janet G

    I will always remember his boyish face and smile. He loved to talk about his children and his scuba
    dives with his wife. He was very proud of his family. My prayers go out to those closest to him.

  • This is so very sad. Travis was such a devoted father and I remember how proud he was of his children and their accomplishments. I knew Travis since his days at Newports and maybe before. He was always so very kind and supportive. I am so sad for his family.

  • Matt

    @Pat: Right on.

    @Kenny and Mike: This is a forum for the public to discuss this, not a place for the family to seek consolation. That’s what friends, family and church are for.

    @Clint: This is what happens when police officers (who are almost invariably people who you *knew* in high school should *never* become police officers) are given fancy black uniforms that make them strong and fast, tin badges (taped over, of course, so nobody can identify them) and high-powered weapons. Police officer have no business “playing army”.

    What this guy needed was a police crisis intervention team, not a bunch of thugs with guns. Just wait: the police will inevitably say they “feared for their lives” to justify the shooting. Knowing they were dealing with an irrational and/or suicidal person with a gun, why did they place themselves in a position where they would fear for their lives? They were in control, they were rational and sane. It is up to *them* to clear out others and position themselves in such a way that if the guy comes out holding a gun then nobody is in immediate danger. IF the guy starts shooting then have at ‘im. But until then their job should be to de-escalate using any means and any amount of time necessary.

    That shot from the police officer could just as easily have been a completely debilitating but less-than-lethal round.

  • Marc Haines

    Wow. Travis was responsible for bringing me to Dallas in the early ’90’s. He was an incredible mentor, chef, inspiration, and all around great guy. This makes me sick to no end. Regardless of your intent or the forum, please have a sense of decorum and respect for this person’s memory and family.
    God bless you, travis.

  • Mike Hiller

    This is so sad. Travis was a great guy and a talented chef. He will be missed.

  • Rebecca M.

    I am very saddened and shocked by this. How could it happen to someone so bright, talented, and loved? It’s tragic how even today, emotional disorders like depression are still so misunderstood, and the people who battle with them still can’t recognize their need for treatment and get help without fear of stigma. The Dallas food community is traumatized, but I’m sure it’s much, much worse for his wife and family. My heart goes out to them, and also his many friends.

  • Rick Naon

    Rest In Peace Pal, It was an honor to have known and worked with you.

  • DGirl

    I read in the DMN that Travis’ wife said she knew he’d been depressed and “wished she would have done more,” for him. Please don’t beat yourself up, Mrs. Henderson. Depression is an extremely isolating disease and everyone suffers from one person’s illness. Much of Dallas is hurting with you and our prayers are with you and your children for peace and healing.

  • Phil

    I was bright, talented, and loved once too. That didn’t stop me from thinking about suicide almost every day of my adult life. Sounds like that was his intention since all of the comments makes him sound like he wouldn’t hurt anyone else.

  • Phil

    @Pat and all of the other judgmental police critics… Read the whole story and you’ll find police did try negotiations for three hours after they heard “what sounded like a shotgun blast” and that police did not fire until he exited a car with his gun pointed. Since the police only fired one shot, you say it was “an over zealous swat officer looking for his next kill.” If more had shot you would say he was gunned down like Bonnie and Clyde. You have no idea how stressful that situation is. The police did their job. They tried to negotiate. They tried to contain him. In the end, they kept him from hurting anyone else. That’s most likely exactly what he wanted them to do, but the police couldn’t know that.

  • Amy S

    Before Newport’s, Travis worked with Sevy at Cafe Pacific for several years. They were young cooks in a city that was exploring food, there was money flowing everywhere in the flush oil and real estate economy of the early 1980’s. They worked hard and they played hard and they loved what they did.

    Travis, you will be missed.

  • Epifanio

    @Phil – I agree with you. At first blush this sounds like “suicide by proxy,” SWAT teams are trained to deal with these situations and sometimes they end tragically, like this time. Pat K – your conspiracy theory doesn’t help anyone -it doesn’t ease the pain of the family and doesn’t help those paid to protect and serve,

  • Heart Breaking…

  • Kevin Marple

    My wife and I would like to offer our condolences to the Henderson family. Our thoughts and prayers are will you.

  • Rick

    @ Phil, typical Govt supporter, if anyone tells the truth about Govt they must be conspiracy nuts. Being a retired cop with over 30 years on the job, PAT and MATT are right. Lots of less than leather options out there, gas, rubber bullets, flash bangs, etc. This Victim, since that is what he is, did not commit violent crimes, was not a drug user or threatening anyone. He was in a bad place and may or many not have contemplated suicide. He drove to a church and was parked in his car. He had not hurt anyone and was contained at the scene with close to 45 armed officers.

    The cops has superior numbers, superior fire power, superior protection and had control of the scene, this should have been a waiting game not a let’s end this so we can get back to our donuts. This is no different than cops that jump in front of moving vehicles and then claim there life was in danger so they shoot the driver. I assure you many factors went into the decision to end this, like time, resources, money, number of officers being tied up and many others.

    Before a cop makes the decision to use DEADLY force, many factors need to be considered. This was one person, maybe armed with a handgun who had not shot or injured anyone and he was blocked in, contained by mutiple armed officers with long guns, rifles, shotguns, all wearing bullet proof vest, had cars for cover, had distance for cover, had air support (police chopper) and somehow, one guy with a pistol that did not harm anyone needed to be shot in the chest with a high powered rifle since all those cops felt scared. I call BS. This is typical Gov with power doing things they should not do, but they do it since they can and no one can fight back or challenge them.

  • Rick

    BTW, I have investigated several officer involved shooting over the years. NOT ONE has ever been found to be NOT justified. The dirty little secret is cops protect cops, the system protects the system and the Gov never admits fault or wrong doing. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I don’t think cops are out there planting evidence or setting people up, but I assure you Cops do not want to go against other cops, they do not want a jacket of being a snitch or not a “Team Player”, or being labeled that they can’t be trusted to look the other way for fellow officers. How many so called Whistler blowers get to keep their job? Not one that I am aware of, if you rat out a cop or crooked DA you will be black-balled and discredited by the Admin, fellow officers and the system. Seen it too many times.

    So people like Phil can keep thinking that all is rosy in Govt land, but the fact is Govt is not exposed more not because they are all good and great, it is because they have the power to crush or make life miserable for any that go against them. We are at least still free enough to decide what to believe. From my many years in the system, I choose to believe what I have seen and what the Govt tells you and what really is going on is rarely the same thing. 🙂

  • Grace

    How can you judge? Please say a prayer for the Henderson family, for the son that will not have his dad, for the grandson who will never know his granddad, for the officer that shot the fatal shot. No one will ever know the truth.

  • Caron Henderson

    I am Travis’s only sister. Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and respectful comments on this blog. My brother was a wonderful chef, great father, brother and son. I miss you bubba, your sis!

  • Connie

    Clint, I am Travis.s MOTHER, and I have known him from birth he was a wonderful son a Christian Father, he would not hurt a fly. I hope you know I hate you and the whole police dept. of Carrollton. Your department and my Son’s wife and I use that term loosley, KILLED my son. I hope you and your remarks rot in HELL the fire can not be hot enough for you.

  • sara

    I worked with Chef Travis years ago and he was a great person and a very talented chef. He will be missed! My prayers are with his family. I’m so sorry for your loss. @ rick, amen!

  • Marisa

    Once again deadly force by the police dept. This is a pitiful day when the police ( all 45 of them) are unable to resolve in a peaceful manner a situation involving one person trying to come to terms with his demons. A full investigation should be made so that his family can begin to grieve for their love one.

    On another note…..Travis was a talented chief and will be missed by all who knew him and enjoyed his food. RIP.

  • Kiki

    PatK–did you really witness it? If so, I would like to speak with you; I am an attorney. Travis was a very dear friend of mine.

  • Connie

    I am Travis’ Mother and I would like to thank all of you that knew Travis and knew what a wonderful Christian man he was and I Thank you so very much for the wonderful remarks and remembrances you posted about him. God bless you all and may your life be blessed for telling the truth of the kind of man, father, and chef he was.

  • Irma Jimenez

    Our deepest condolences to the Henderson family. Travis was a very special person to our family. I feel like someone from my own family has passed on. We have known him over twenty years both professionally and as a friend. He was one of my husband’s greatest mentors who believed that his employee had great potential. He never took credit for my husband’s success because that was just the type of person he was. My husband and I along with my children loved and admired him and the entree that to this day holds him name, is so small of a gesture to honor this great amazing man who will never be forgotten and forever be held in highest respect.

  • Ryan

    My sincere condolences to the family. This is a tragedy that none of us will fully be able to understand. Thoughts and prayers goes out.

    That being said, it is very very wrong of all of those who are condemning those who are out to keep us safe. According to the report, 911 was called for family disturbance at the residence (to keep someone safe).

    “On 2/24/12 the Carrollton Police Department received a call regarding a family disturbance at a residence within their city. The suspect had left the scene prior to their arrival. However, they were informed the suspect had indicated he planned to harm himself and was in possession of a firearm. A short time later, Carrollton police officers located the suspect’s vehicle parked behind a church, located at 17601 Marsh Lane. While waiting for addition officers, a noise, believed to be a gun shot, was heard from near the car. At this time, Carrollton officers requested assistance from the Dallas Police Department and a Dallas SWAT Unit responded to the scene. Dallas police negotiators made contact with the suspect and attempted to talk the suspect into a peaceful resolution. After a period of time, the suspect exited the vehicle brandishing a handgun. A Dallas SWAT officer, fearing for his safety, discharged his firearm. The suspect was struck and died at the scene.”

    My thoughts also go to the officer and his family who was forced to make that horrible decision and who’s lives will forever be affected.

  • LJT

    I know nothing about the case, but people just don’t (ordinarily) go from what it sounds like Mr. Henderson was to all who knew him to the person shot and killed by police. Does anyone know if he was taking Chantix (or similar) to quit smoking? It sounds a little like the Carter Albrecht case, in which a seemingly normal guy just flipped and ended up dead.

  • Bob

    Kiki, Contact me at fablabs47 at gmail, and I will send your contact info to PatK Bob

  • A Friend

    Stop pointing fingers – all of you. No one is at fault – not Travis’ wife (as his mother might insist), not the police department, not even the SWAT member who fired the shot. (Law enforcement acted as they were trained. No one can argue that.) Travis was undeniably loved and admired by many. Don’t let the events of Friday night, overshadow a great man’s life and legacy. Have respect and keep your ridiculous comments to yourselves.

  • DGirl

    Well said, A Friend. You are indeed a good friend to Chef Travis Henderson.

  • Jack Lindstrom

    Having known Travis for 28 years, I am feeling a sense of loss as I try to process this tragedy. My heart and prayers go out to “T’s” Mom, sister, wife, ex-wife, and kids. From the time I was G.M at Newport’s, to an assistant managers job at Sam’s Cafe, and finally as a waiter at Perry’s, Travis treated me the same regardless of my role with the restaurants where we worked. He was a pro in the kitchen, a gentle and humble soul while working the floor, and a dear friend. To say that I will miss Travis Henderson is an understatement. God Bless his family members as they grieve.

  • PK

    @ A Friend you are obviously law enforcement and didn’t know Travis based on your remarks. Letting this tragedy pass without comment would be a dis-service to Travis himself. The DPD needs to rethink or think period of a way of diffusing these situations with out all of them ending the same way ( the officer felt his life was threatened and took appropriate action (justifiable homicide)). This happens in this city all to often and it needs to stop and stop now, and unless we make it stop it never will. These were inexuseable actions taken by Dallas swatt, they never should have had their vehicles pinned up against Travis’s vehicle so close (several feet based on the investigators marks left on the ground). They put themselves in harms way on purpose and left themselves no choice but to take a fatal shot. I can’t help but think he felt like a trapped lion with no way out. What’s rediculous here isn’t our comments it’s the DPD’s swatt teams training and tactics. A Friend we can argue that and we will until it’s changed and these sensless DPD killings stop. I invite everyone to mourn Travis properly, he was a great guy and will be missed, but don’t let it end there call your representatives and voice your opinion about how this took place.

  • PK

    PS to all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to assemble this puzzle.

  • Scagnetti

    I don’t know what it is like on Mars but here on Earth if you exit a vehicle pointing a weapon at a police man, it’s going to ruin your whole day.

  • Rick

    Notice that the report states, the office heard something that might maybe have been a gun shot? Notice it did not say the Suspect fired his gun? Smell the coffee.

    I also wonder if the reason so many cops showed up and the perimeter was so big and locked down, if maybe they were not filming an episode of Dallas SWAT. If so then maybe some video footage will be available. Funny that most of us are on camera 50 times a day, yet when the cops show up to a critical incident, where they block out all media and all other witnesses, suddenly, no video is taken or available?

    Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. Why can’t the cops video tape these situations. I never had a problem with anyone video taping me doing the job, it always helped when someone said I did something i did not do. So why wouldn’t the cops / Govt video tape these things to prove and corroborate there actions? Can’t wait for the BS excuses on why they don’t?

    When cops arrest DUI they video tape, when they book guys in jail they video tape, when they make traffic stops, why NOT at these high-risk situations?

  • I met Trav in the 3rd grade at Bohnam Elemetary in Wichita Falls,. We lived in the same neighborhood, and spent those hot summers of the late 60’s flying our bicycles down Bonny Drive with all the rest of the kids. We went through Jr. High together (lab partners) until the school districts sent us to separate high schools. After that we lost touch, but the times we crossed paths in the years after, we always took the time to catch up. I remember him for his great laughter and his devilish wit and sense of humor. We were pals at a time when the world was still flat, and the problems of middle age were never even thought of. I still envy him for his cool first name…he was a good friend. I pray for comfort to the broken hearts he touched. RIP my old friend, God rest your soul.

  • melanie

    I meet Travis as a deliver driver for BEK Foods and thought the world of him he was such a great person and always in great mood……Even when I was a late he made OK…………….He was the best………

  • Nanci batson

    Who didn’t adore Travis? He was kind and funny and one of the nicest peeps in the world. We worked together at the Pelican in Wichita Falls in the late 70s – a whole group of teenagers – such fun times. Travis was a funny guy – always in a good mood and he kept us all in stiches. He worked so hard and his kitchen ran like clockwork. I can’t imagine him being a danger to anyone. Something doesn’t make sense here to me and apparently to all the peeps who knew Travis at all different times of his life. It’s hard to believe there wasn’t a better way to diffuse this situation on Friday night and it’s just shocking and sad. RIP Travis….you had many friends and you made a positive difference in this world. I wish the family much strength and love.

  • Dave

    Although I never worked for or with this talented Chef, I did spend the better part of my 20’s and 30’s working in the restaurant world along McKinney Ave. I have since moved on to a career in public safety (no, not as a cop). Just like a million details go into each eatery, its menu and staff, such is the nature of public safety: including law enforcement. Likewise, the outcomes of each industry are case dependent. How many times have you fielded a guest complaint based upon their own perception, mood or ignorance? In short, don’t judge a profession you don’t know ( and getting a DWI, PI, POCS charge doesn’t constitute a “familiarity with police procedure,” it just means you’re an industry veteran).

    Ok, that said, here’s what I do know… officer-involved shootings are a no-win for both officer and suspect. SWAT guys are not blood-thirsty hunters. When an individual is suffering from an emmotional crisis in which suicide is a possible outcome ( a true medical emergency), they are capable of being anything but predictable. Had Travis gotten a shot off, you’d be reading a different story. Had your wife or kids been inside that church while a gunman was nearby, you’d want the calvary there, right? You can turn on the news any given day to headlines such as “Man shoots …., then turns gun on himself.”
    So let’s quit laying blame, I am heartbroken for all those directly involved. My prayers will be with them. As for the rest of us, industry vets and greens, our attention is better focused upon mental health industry-wide. There are very few resources, much less employer-paid benefits, that support our mental or physical well-being. I have sat next to a popular bartender who bought shots of Jaeger for everyone, than got in his car and ran into a toll booth. I have known many in abusive situations, and others who wound-up in prison.

    Rather than second guess PD, or look fondly back on some working relationship you may have had, take a look at yourself, your peers and your industry. That would be the greatest victory to come from this horrific end of human life.

  • Phil

    @Rick & Pat & anyone else that disagrees with me.
    Tear gas, flash bangs, and even rubber bullets may have given the police time to apprehend him, or it may have just induced him to start firing. If you are a cop in that position and you are going to shoot, you shoot to kill. A wounded man with a gun is possibly more dangerous after he is wounded than before. They kept him surrounded and parked so close to prevent him from leaving from approximately 8pm, and then when SWAT arrived about 9pm, until almost midnight. Yes, they put their lives on the line for several hours to protect everyone else from this apparent madman. Just before midnight he got out of the car with his gun AIMED. They and YOU could not possibly know that he would not fire and that if they backed off he would not escape and shoot someone else. If he had gotten away and shot someone else then everyone would be screaming “How could they let him get away? They let him kill someone when they had him surrounded!” As it stands, the only one who got hurt was the one who put himself in danger, and that is the second best, and a fully acceptable outcome. In this age of terrorists making homemade bombs and teenagers going on killing sprees right before committing suicide, police can’t possibly be expected to believe a man with a gun is not dangerous. Just because I see the cops side on this one doesn’t mean I am always on their side. A lot of people are jerks, especially cops. But they were right on this one. If they hadn’t fired, he may have… he just may have.

  • Bob

    You’re either a dirty COP, or you’re smoking Crack. How else could you state that “he got out of the car with his gun ‘AIMED.'”

    So, how about having your COP buddies release the Dallas Swat video tapes? As we all know, EVERY COP CAR now has a video camera, and due to the spacing shown in orange on the parking lot, there was a proximity of about 5 feet, giving ALL of the COP CAMERAS excellent footage…

    Or has that footage now been “lost” or perhaps destroyed?

    Yeah, I thought so… just another situation where the COPS kill, and COVER IT UP.

  • Phil

    “Shortly before midnight, Henderson, 52, exited his car and pointed a handgun at officers, Walton said. Dallas SWAT officer Samuel McDonnold then shot and killed him, he said.”
    You have to click on the link to read the entire story. That’s what was reported. You know they don’t release video of stuff like this until they’ve had time to review everything. I’m sure they will in time. I’m not a cop, and don’t have anything to do with cops. I do understand depression and have thoughts of suicide every day. I’m positive the guy committed suicide via forcing the cops to shoot him.

  • Ryan

    Its understandable that people are grieving. But to blame is cops and SWAT for his actions and the resulting effects is irresponsible.

  • Jack MacDonald

    I worked forTravis at the old SAMs Cafe and he was an inspiration. Always upbeat and wanting to teach us something. He will be missed, truly a sad day.

  • Julia

    I’ve been reading through several articles…what troubles me most about this ghastly tragedy is that he went to a church.Not a mall, where he planned to harm countless people, not a school, not anywhere alone. A church. No one at that church where they were holding an event, could comfort and council him and get him to a hospital/psych facility, without calling in a SWAT team? Churches used to be sanctuaries. If he was that depressed, and I repeat IF, he wouldn’t have gone to a church for solace. He went to talk to God. Where were the church leaders? Why wasn’t anyone there for him, in a house of God, that could have headed off this horrible horrible tragedy? The police dept. certainly overreacted, even if there were people on lockdown inside. But if he was at that location for several hours, there should have been opportunity for someone to minister to him. I pray that he had some comfort before he was taken from his family and friends.

  • Justin

    Connie. If you ain’t got nothing nice to say then shut the hell up. This ain’t the blame game.

  • Dana Atchley Hall

    I have just this morning learned of this terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the family of this fallen man. It is hard not to look for blame, but I also feel very sadly for the officer who fired that shot, along with his fellow teammates who do place their lives in danger everyday to ensure the safety of the public. It is absolutely certain that the officer who made the fatal shot has a very, very heavy heart today.

    In 2010 God started a ministry through us, his workers, to help those who have psychiatric and substance abuse issues, or just plain “life problems.” Throughout most person’s lifetime is a point at which a crisis occurs for which there may not be a solution in the view of the person. Our small ministry is called, “Living in Divine Assurance,” and we are located in Greenville, Tx.

    We feel that it is time, in this increasingly difficult world in which we live, to address emergency psychiatric and substance abuse issues through other than the usual legal system. The writer above who called for “police intervention crisis teams” in right on point. We visualize a time when cities will recognize the need for this type of assistance which can not only protect the public, but also the person who is suffering. The City of Dallas does have this for situations not involving weapons. Can we not further develop an approach to mental problems that assist rather than denegrate, humiliate, segregate, isolate or even destroy those afflicted?

    We pray that we can. Look how far our society has come in technology; now let’s help our suffering people.

    And we pray, in Jesus’ name, not only for the family of this precious man, but as well as for the officer(s) involved. May God help them greatly in the coming days. Amen.

    Dana Atchley Hall
    [email protected]