Chef Sharon Hage to Host Two Underground Dinners at Deep Ellum’s My Private Chef Showroom

Sharon Hage seems to popping up all over the place. Good news. This just in:

Sharon Hage, best known for her culinary innovation at York Street, brings her rare talents to My Private Chef for two special evenings. Chef Hage will showcase her ingredient driven mentality in two underground dinners at this popular Deep Ellum kitchen and showroom in late February. With a sustainable, farm to table product focus Sharon will prepare a once-in-a-lifetime meal for 30 people each of the two evenings. Guests who make their reservations will only be privy to the the underground dinner location and await Chef Hage to reveal their dinner menu with each of the 5 courses.


Sharon, like many local kitchen personalities, has chosen to collaborate with My Private Chef owner Holly Muller to display her talents and engage in a crowd of culinary aficionados. Holly Muller, who consistently welcomes guest chefs to host their special dinners in her downtown space, recently lead her first two underground dinners which satisfied consecutive sold out crowds. She will continue a regular schedule as lead chef in the underground dinners series yet is thrilled to spotlight Chef Sharon Hage for not just one but two rare cooking and dining experiences.

The general public can learn more about the underground dinner offerings and the chance to be served by Chef Hage by adding their name and email to the underground dinner distribution list found at My Private Chef.

Reservations are now being taken for Chef Hage’s underground dinners; seats are limited so potential guests are encouraged to sign up as early as possible.

What: Chef Sharon Hage’s Underground Dinners

When: February 24th & 25th; 7:30 pm arrival

Where: My Private Chef



  • milkandcookies

    sounds wonderful, not sure if price includes wine
    too bad it’s over my budget!

  • ChuckW

    Hey – Sharon. Let me know if I can help on the wine front. Chuck