Central Market on Preston Royal Opens Today

Mayor Mike Rawlings shops in Central Market (left); Sweet potato chips topped with pan-seared tuna (right) - photos by Micah Nunley

There’s a new baby in the Central Market Family.

Renovators gutted in the inside of an old Borders to make room for the newest Central Market on Preston and Royal. Mayor Mike Rawlings, reps from the Dallas Public Library, North Dallas execs, loyal neighborhood friends, and random Central Market crazies were all invited to watch the ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday on February 14.

Today the store officially opened to the public at 8 a.m.


  • Twinwillow


  • kayla

    So wanted to love this as I live in the neighborhood and could ride my bike over as opposed to driving down Central to Lovers. Went this morning and can only describe it as “Central Market Convenience Store.” No bulk foods, so I can’t buy my husband’s oatmeal. None of the great cheeses I want when I’m having a party. None of the meat selections I want when entertaining. The OJ I buy is a buck more there than Tom Thumb’s or Whole Foods. I’ll drive down Central or go to Whole Foods. Count me out.

  • acrow

    I agree with kayla above. I love Central Market and live in the neighborhood as well, but was pretty disappointed with the store. While it generally has everything I need to make a meal, it lacks most of the elements that make up the Central Market shopping experience (bulk foods, prepared foods, salad bar, cheese selection, large beer and wine selection, etc.). I will probably still favor the Lovers location unless I’m in a rush.

  • Dgirl

    I loved it! When comparing apples to apples, the prices were better than whole foods. As someone who prefers smaller stores, I thought the size was a welcome change. Welcome to the neighborhood Central Market!!

  • Mavdog

    went there yesterday. overall….meh. it certainly is more convenient than going to lovers, where we go to get coffee beans, deli meats/cheeses, and their meat dept is great. but really, I’ll not change anything about our shopping habits, the whole foods at forest has much a better parking lot (hate those compact stalls in front of the central market at royal!) and the whole foods is much easier to get in and out of, their bakery is better (except for bagels), the whole foods produce is much, much better, the whole foods has bulk and that race track design in the new central market is awful.

  • Laurie

    I haven’t been to the new store, yet, but I can’t understand why you can compare it to WF. CM is about discovering exciting new foods and varieties, and finding the best-tasting food. WF is all about ingredient lists–no this, no that, blah blah blah. The biggest loser in all this is Tom Thumb. Freedom from mediocrity!

  • CollinBabs

    @Laurie – If one shops carefully at a Tom Thumb one can be free from mediocrity.

  • NoDa Bob

    Hahaha, thanks for the good laugh Laurie. Like Whole Foods doesn’t have “new foods and varieties” or the many, many customers shopping at Whole Foods aren’t seeking “the best tasting food”. My gosh.
    I suggest you change your mantra from “freedom from mediocrity” to “eyes wide shut”…..