Centennial Closes Seven Stores in DFW Area

Three bottles of Pinot Evil (@$9.99 each) in a box for under $20. Pairs perfectly with kale and barbecue. Not necessarily on the same menu.
Three bottles of Pinot Evil (@$9.99 each) in a box for under $20. Pairs perfectly with kale and barbecue. Not necessarily on the same menu.

In April 2011, Centennial Fine Wine and Spirits acquired 32 retail locations of Majestic Liquor Stores, Inc. This includes the  “Fat Dog Beverages” in East Texas and “Doc’s Liquors” in West Texas. Today comes word from Tony Miller Director of Marketing at Centennial:

“I wanted to let our most loyal customers know first that we have closed several of our store locations in the Metroplex.This was a difficult decision, but it will allow us to strategically grow and ultimately serve you better.  We hope you will find another location near you and continue shopping with us!”

Dear Tony, you can close the store at Highland Park Village but if you touch Fat Dog Beverages (home of Pinot Evil box wine) in East Texas, I will cut you.

Stores closed below:


6006 Camp Bowie Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76116


4651 Bryant Irvin Rd.

Fort Worth, TX 76132


1 Highland Park Village

Dallas, TX 75205


10222 North Stemmons Freeway

Dallas, TX 75220


2401 Parker Rd.

Hebron, TX 75010

Apple Jacks

5625 East I-20

Fort Worth, TX 76119

Big Daddy’s

7620 Blue Mound Rd., Ste 144

Fort Worth, TX 76131


  • cb foodie

    NOOOOO! My go to store is (was) the Centennial at 35 and NW highway (10222 North Stemmons Freeway). It was so convenient, and the people were incredibly friendly and helpful. If you were driving north from downtown to Lewisville, Irving, Grapevine, etc., it was the most convenient liquor store: easy on/easy off. This location would be a great place for a SPEC’s.

  • cb foodie, my thoughts and sympathies go to you, your family, and friends. Hard loss.

  • anon

    Bon Qui Qui!

  • roy

    Man, Camp Bowie store in Fort worth was not open that long.

  • Amy S

    @cb foodie – that store was right next to their corporate offices for many years.

    And Spec’s is merging with Sigels. Big changes.

  • Sammy

    @Amy S – I believe Sigels pulled out of that deal a couple of weeks ago.

  • Steven C

    For the record, they also closed the Big Daddy’s at Continental and Riverfront. That was a few weeks ago, however, so maybe not part of this deal? As a Houston native, I’m excited to see the opportunities for Spec’s!

  • Sigel’s is out of the deal with Spec’s. Liquor Wars!

  • Threeboys

    Wait until Total Wine gets here in April, one block South of the current Spec’s on Central. Between Park & Walnut Hill.
    They are opening a total of 4 this year.
    Spec’s is expanding into Tarrant, Denton & Collin Counties by summer.

    That’s when the liquor wars begin.

  • Twinwillow

    I’m beginning to feel that beer, wine, and spirits are going to be more accessible than food in Dallas pretty soon. Suits me.

  • Paul

    Its hard to shed a tear when these liquor stores basically gouged us for years. Spec’s low pricing is having a definite impact for the better. Even Central Market has lowered prices to compete.