CampO Modern Country Bistro Names New Chef: Josh Black

We all knew it was coming. Since day one, CampO Modern Country Bistro has been clear on the fact that consulting chef Matt McCallister was just that: consulting chef. Today, John Paul Valverde, co-owner of CampO and Coevál Studio, announced the new  chef will be Josh Black, whose culinary experience includes The Cedar Social and Stephan Pyles.  Black has been McCallister’s sous chef at CampO (when did they start using that big O?) since the restaurant opened in November 2011. The release also says McCallister will continue to advise the CampO concept “as needed.” Methinks they will needO him a lot. How much time McCallister will have after he opens his own restaurant, allegedly in the Design District, remains the big question. No, I guess the big question is: Can Black continue to cut the same edges McCallister cuts. Tough act to follow.