A Sandwich Shop Takes Over 1920s Gas Station; Pearl Cup to Open at Sylvan | Thirty

This 1920s gas station is becoming a sandwich shop. Get ready for it.

Capriotti’s, a huge chain of sandwich shops, is expanding into Dallas (they already have one location in Plano), and they’re choosing bits and pieces of historical Dallas locations to build their massive empire. The first downtown location is going to be at the 1920s gas station (previously Go Philly) located at the corner of Ross and Lamar, and KCI Investments – the money behind this franchise – is opting not to bulldoze the cool gas station in favor of just renovating it. Thank you, KCI Investments! But I don’t know how I feel about having 50 of these Capriotti’s sandwich places popping up all over my city….

Has anyone eaten here before? Is it any good?

And now onto a completely different topic:

Those Pearl Cup lattes and chocochip cookies are putting a big, fat hole in my wallet, so I’m thankful they’re not opening their third shop too close to our offices. (I would go completely bankrupt.) Instead, this local brewery is setting shop in early 2013 at Sylvan | Thirty, a mixed-use development that’s planning construction at North Oak Cliff and West Dallas. Green-minded Pearl Cup is occupying a 2,000 sq. foot space that’ll include a roll-up garage door and expansive patio. Not too shabby for our beloved little Pearl, eh?

Other spaces inside Sylvan | Thirty include: Matador Meat & Wine, Cox Farms Market, and Sharon Hage’s culinary incubator.


  • Dave

    OMG this is the best news ever! I’m from Delaware and this is by far the best sandwich place in the world! SOOOO HAPPY they’re coming downtown, Plano is too far for me!

  • I hope you’re right, Dave, because there’s going to be FIFTY of them. Goodness!

  • Carpiottis is one of the best sandwiches around!! I had a pastrami and it blew my mind!

  • Don’t know a thing about the shop, but I’ve been hoping for a LONG time to see something cool in that amazing building. I hope the renovation maintains the classic style.

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  • irodguy

    I have been to their shop in Plano a couple of times. Their Turkey dinner on a roll is good. I would generally not call them any better than Jimmy Johns. I really don’t see what the excitement is about.

  • Dallasman

    Huh? Isn’t there already a Pearl Cup in the bottom of D Magazine’s building on Ross?

  • DP

    I’m with the other Dave. Capriotti’s was our go-to sandwich shop when I was at the University of Delaware. Their turkey sandwiches are awesome!!! I had no idea they were a chain. I thought they were a mom and pop shop. Hopefully they last longer than Go Philly, which wasn’t bad, but seemed a little sketchy. Great news for DFW!!!

  • Katie M.

    I think Jimmy John’s is revolting, so if this place is comparable… I appreciate the warning!

  • PJ

    Capriottis is NOTHING like Jimmy Johns! Voted best sandwich in America by an AOL national readers poll. The sandwiches are like an authentic East Coast deli. Their turkey and roast beef is baked fresh daily. Nothing is mass produced, and the portions are enormous. A “small” is 9″; a “large” is 20″. Try out their existing store in Plano on Preston between Parker and Spring Creek.

  • Jana

    Capriotti’s is delicious. They get their bread from a local bakery so is baked fresh daily. They roast their own turkeys and roast beef.. Not to mention, the “Bobbie” (turkey, dressing, cranberry) is one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. I am so happy there will be a location closer to where I work!

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  • Rich

    Capriotti’s is the REAL DEAL! This is authentic East Coast “Sub Shop”!! Dallas should be stoked to have them coming!!