The Chesterfield: My New Favorite Lunch Spot in the Entire World

Okay, yes, yes, yes. I have not actually eaten there yet. I have to admit that it’s a bit strange to endorse a lunch spot without ever actually having eaten there. But you know what else is strange? String theory. Don’t understand it. Can’t explain it. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a thing that people spend their lives studying. Right?

I popped into the new Chesterfield today after having eaten a fine turkey sandwich (with a side of mac and cheese) at City Tavern. Highly recommended. But what’s this at the Chesterfield? A menu of $1 cocktails? Hey, whoa: basil gimlet (vodka, fresh lime, basil); raspberry Collins (vodka, lemon, raspberry, soda); Buena Suerte (tequila, lime, ginger, mint); Ward 8 (whiskey, lemon, orange, old grenadine); vanilla old fashion (whiskey, vanilla, orange, angostura).

But there are two catches: 1) The $1 cocktails are available only from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and 2) you must order food. Hmm. The Bonnie Parker sandwich sounds good. For $9, you get beer-brined turkey with Muenster and garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, and pickled onion on a soft roll. For a bit more, $13, you might opt for the L.E.S., which is house-made pastrami and sauerkraut with Gruyere cheese and Russian dressing on toasted rye. But run your eyes up the menu, and you’ll see the flat breads. The Standard (roasted tomato, house-made mozzarella, arugula pesto) will run you a very reasonable $6. BUT. HANG ON. The Simple (olive oil and rosemary with grated ricotta) is just $3. Three bucks!

You see where I’m headed here. If my math is correct, you can order a flat bread and a cocktail for $4. We all know that it won’t end there. One $1 cocktail is going to lead to five $1 cocktails. Obviously. Because there are five cocktails on the $1 menu. But that still means lunch is only going to cost you roughly $11 (figure an $8 tab, plus a $3 tip, if you’re watching the bottom line).

And that is why, only having drunk one Maker’s on the rocks (pictured, $8), I can heartily endorse the lunch at The Chesterfield.

You’re welcome.


  • Droopydave

    Love the Chesterfield. Must try the short ribs. Amazing.

  • TD

    Just one more reason I wish my company was downtown instead of out in the mind-numbing North Dallas sprawl.

  • Maggie

    Is that Mon-Fri only or does the special extend to the weekend????

  • Catharine

    @Maggie- our $1 lunch cocktails are available Monday-Friday from 11am to 3pm.

  • Kessler Porker

    Sounds like the good old days of martini lunches and then drool on the desk in the afternoon…. MUST check it out!

  • Jackson

    I have a weird feeling that must be you at the bar in a white shirt in our photo:

  • Tim Rogers

    Because I am a trained journalist, I returned to the Chesterfield today and ate lunch. The Simple flat bread? A delightful option at $3. My dining companions ordered the Standard, which was awesome and worth the extra $3. By coincidence, a friend ambled in and took the bar seat next to us. He ordered a sandwich that he reported was excellent.

    Which brings me to the drinks. In your service, I consumed a Ward 8, a basil gimlet, and a Buena Suerte. Each was excellent. The gimlet, especially, was crisp and refreshing.

    My bill came to $7.25. I tipped $4 and feel like a big winner. So my initial recommendation stands. You need to go here.

    One quibble: one of my dining companions ordered three gimlets in succession. The first was delicious. Which is why she ordered another. The second tasted different. Not quite right. Which is why she ordered a third. The last one was undrinkable. All lime juice. Horribly bitter. And when the bill came, she was charged for not three but four gimlets. Given that the erroneous charge was only for $1, it’s hard to get too upset. But it is a curious matter that the drinks went to hell the more she ordered them. I can only imagine what the fourth gimlet might have tasted like.

  • Hey, who’s that shiny-cool couple back there on the right?

  • TheLuckyOne

    Tim, We had our busiest lunch ever today at The Chesterfield and want to Thank You for the amazing article you wrote! I couldn’t be more proud…but it sounds like I owe your friend some Basil Gimlets ; )
    Would you please send her back, have her ask for me, and introduce herself as your friend – I would love to buy her lunch(complete with 3 more Basil Gimlets)
    I hope this message finds her
    Thank You for taking interest in us!

  • bubbleliver

    write ups for freebies

    at least thats been exposed

  • Beda

    It’s a good price only if you’re drinking your lunch.

    I had the $13 rueben (L.E.S.), which came with a not-good frisee salad. Add iced tea, tax and tip, and that becomes an expensive lunch, and I walked out still hungry. For what I spent, I could have gone to Dallas Fish Market or Charlie Palmer at the Joule. For the everyday, potential repeat downtown worker customer, lunch at Chesterfields is no deal.