Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Recipe From Patrizio

She’s got a soft spot for an old dish she loved at Patrizio. Help her please.

Patrizios used to have a side called Asparagus al Forno and it has probably been off the menu for 5 plus years, but I’ve been craving it recently. Now that I am better equipped in the kitchen, I wanted to attempt something similar. It was served in a gratin dish (hot) and covered in a creamy sauce with Parmesan, diced tomatoes, and mushrooms.  It was so tasty that I would dip the house bread in the leftover sauce. Would you (or your loyal Side Dishers) know how to obtain the recipe or something similar? I’m hoping someone else remembers it, too.


  • Monkee

    Diners craving asparagus in Dallas in the middle of January… Makes my heart ache.

  • Catharine

    We are happy to share the recipe for our Asparagus Alforno! Also, if you want to enjoy Patrizio now, visit our Facebook page for a $10 off coupon!

    Asparagus Alforno

    7 Asparagus Spears
    Olive Oil
    Chopped Garlic
    Sliced Mushrooms
    Diced Tomatoes
    Basil Salt/Pepper Mix
    Alfredo Sauce
    Romano Cheese, Shredded

    1. Grill or steam asparagus
    2. Sauté 2 oz. of mushrooms in oil. Add a pinch of garlic, salt, and pepper while sautéing. Then, add
    3 oz. of Alfredo sauce and reduce.
    3. Place asparagus in metal serving boat and add mushroom sauce
    4. Add 10 oz. of fresh chopped tomato
    5. Add 1 oz. of Romano cheese gratin
    6. Place dish in oven for 20 seconds or until browned on top

  • Thanks, Catherine.

  • Mark

    Well done Catharine.