Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Most Romantic Steak House in Dallas

Lots of needy guys popping up in my inbox today. (beat, beat) This guy is looking for romance and a big steak.

I’m celebrating my five year anniversary  later this month with my steak-loving wife.  Any suggestion on a steakhouse that also has somewhat of a romantic vibe?


  • ldascha

    Choose the nice atmosphere; Dallas, Capital Grille or Dakota’s, we like both; in Addison, Jaxx or Arthur’s (a smoking establishment); and in Plano, Mignon. All nice atmosphere, and interesting menus. We have chosen each for certain special family occasion.

  • Chris

    Al Biernat’s

  • Lee

    Dakota’s outside or with a view to the outside is probably the most romantic. Al Biernet’s rings “special occasion” of course, but it’s not really intimate or romantic. Most people complain about how loud it is. Bob’s is a guys’ night out place. Del Frisco has a great steak, but is not romantic at all. Pappas is in a suburban parking lot and has no charm at all. Nick & Sam’s, like Al Biernet’s is special and you can get some complimentary caviar with a glass of bubbly to start your meal, but again it’s a big, loud room. Good luck.

  • Ann

    Not just a steak place, but Eddie V’s was a big hit with us on Christmas Eve. Very attentive service, makes you feel like it’s your special night. We mostly had fish, but my meat-eating son had a huge steak and liked it alot.

  • bc

    Not a steakhouse, per se, but The Grape served up one of the best steaks I’ve had in Dallas and it’s definitely got your atmosphere. That particular steak was circa 1998, mind you, but they still turn out a great (and probably even better) menu. I guess I’m making this suggestion since I hate “real” steakhouses. There’s nothing terribly romantic about a steak, a baked potato, and some gigantic asparagus spears.

  • Mike Paget

    Uncle Bucks in Grapevine ! Nice steak, atmosphere..

    An Authentic Steakhouse with Texas-Sized Steaks and a Working In-house Brewery

  • CJ

    I like the original Bob’s. If you can get a room in the back or one of the side rooms it’s like you basically have the place to yourself. I would say Dakota’s for decor, but I’ve yet to have quality service there multiple times which can put a damper on the romantic vibe.

  • Matt S

    The Lodge

  • Wes Mantooth

    Canary by Gorji in Addison. Intimate and perfect for anniversary dinner. Seriously. Gorji will probably greet you himself.

  • b

    I very much disagree with Chris’ suggestion of Al Biernat’s. While it’s true they have amazing steaks, it is by no means romantic, unless you consider a restaurant so loud you have to yell at the person next to you in order to be heard, romantic…

  • Anne

    I’m going with Nick & Sam’s. Love, attractive lighting, dark walls, original wall art (by Phil Romano himself). It is a fairly large room, but I didn’t find it all that noisy. And the caviar and champagne is a nice touch. Ask for Scott as a waiter. He is fantastic and will take very good care of you.

  • Andrew Chalk

    Ironically, The Grape. (Steak and Frites at

  • lise lang

    Morton’s will personalize your menu, offer complimentary dessert (go with the Legendary Morton’s Hot Chocolate Cake) and take your photo – request a booth

  • towski

    Wifeski and I celebrated our 1st anniversary at Hibiscus (where we also had our rehearsal dinner). I let them know before hand it was our anniversary, and not only did we get a great table, but the server greeted us by name with anniversary wishes. They were excellent in helping us choose a great wine as well.

  • Christopher

    Nick & Sams. It’s just the right amount of dark/candle light. Complimentary caviar amuse bouche. Excellent steak that’s not as expensive as you (and more importantly she) might think. Really a home run. I would also say Hibiscus for similar reasons (but it’s not technically a steak house, many more non-steakhousey options). Either will earn you bedroom points.

  • I third the Hibiscus comments. Have been some 4 times over the last 6 months. The quality of their steak program is outstanding and I particularly like the fact that there are other, non-steakhouse options. Really great staff to boot.

  • dallasboiler

    Not a steakhouse per se, but St. Martin’s has several steaks on its menu and is a very traditional, romantic restaurant. Very old school. It’s small, very dark, and they have a piano player most night at the front of the house. On any given night, they have 3-4 cuts of beef on the menu plus a few other items that one would expect at a pure steakhouse (veal, pork, lamb, seafood).

    If you must go with a true steakhouse, then I would second Nick & Sam’s with the caveat about potential noise level. Steaks are top-notch and the place is so dark that you need a flashlight to read the menu at some seats.

    The Place at Perry’s was always very good as well (and more intimate than some of the others). However, it’s not due to open in its new space for another few weeks.

  • eatmeeter

    honestly…i’d say the Grape. it never fails for a romantic evening. the ambiance, decor and smaller size makes you feel special, like maybe you’re in a little parisian cafe. the food is obviously stellar. i just can’t stand some of the larger and bustling joints sometimes; it’s like a cattle call.

  • Tessa

    The Grape!!!! Fall in love again!!!!!!

  • JB

    Brian Luscher at the Grape is a meat wizard and it is the most romantic setting. I’d use Nick & Sam’s as backup.

  • sara

    morton’s for sure. The booths are so big that it just feels romantic! You may as well choose the best steak if you are spending that kind of money! if not Morton’s Pappa’s Bro’s.

  • Sheila

    Hubby & I celebrated ours at Chamberlain’s in Addison. Fabulous food, attentive service and a great ambience for celebrating six years of wedded bliss!

  • Jo Bennett

    I think the Capital Grille has outstanding customer service as well as a serene atmosphere and if you tell them you are celebrating an occasion they go out of their way,unlike most other restaurants,to do special things to make you feel unique and in a celebratory place!

  • Twinwillow

    I’d go with Nick & Sam’s. Definitely not, Al Biernat. Great food but zero romantic ambience. The dining room at the Hotel St. Germain is very romantic. And, the food is excellent.