Shooters Opened in Victory Park on Saturday

No Guns: Dallas cowpokes at Shooters are armed with tacos. (Or is that a iPhone?)

Shooters, home of “street and gourmet tacos, burgers, wings, salads, and other standard pub fare to go along with those delicious tacos,” opened on Saturday night. It’s located at AT&T Plaza in Victory Park directly across from the main entrance of the American Airlines Center. The two brains behind the business are Kenichi’s general partner Joshua Babb and Kenichi chef Bodhi Durant. Babb promises the “lowest prices in Victory Park ironically brought to you by the people who have the highest prices in Victory Park-ie, Kenichi.”  Yow. Zah. That’s the kind of balls-to-the-walls spirit I like to see in Victory Park. Bring it on dudes.