Please Welcome Carol Shih to SideDish

You all remember Carol Shih. She’s been an intern at D Magazine for a while. Last October she came to me with an idea for a series of posts on SideDish called Good Asian Grub.  She did such a good job, we hired her. For the last two weeks she has been getting our restaurant directory in shape. (BTW, we have over 1,000 editorial listings available on any smart phone or computer  or our D Recommends App in the iTunes store.) Carol speaks Chinglish (half-Chinese, half-English) which comes in handy in editorial meetings. Here is her official bio:

Carol Shih recently received her degree in Public Policy at Duke University, where she quickly decided her degree was useless if she wanted to write for magazines. So she graduated and moved back to good ol’ Carrollton, the city she was named after. As the new online assistant dining editor, Carol is often hungry from reading restaurant menus (thanks, PR people) and keeps a stash of Meiji chocolates inside her desk.

Be nice to her. She is young and full of enthusiasm. PR peeps, add her to your lists: [email protected]


  • sabliao

    Carol Shih! Here’s a welcome from me!

  • Your favorite fellow intern

    Yay!! You are going to be a wonderful asset!!


  • HP

    What will she write next? 🙂

  • chow

    tell me what to eat!

  • razz


  • jack

    loved that piece, congrats to her!