More Tacos in Dallas: Moto Taco Delivers Tacos by Motorcycle!

Another day, another taco joint in the news. Hark, this one has a hip, cool twist. You check out their menu, which changes daily, place your order online, and one of the three groovy dudes at Moto Taco jumps on his motorcycle and delivers them. They offer breakfast and lunch tacos and pickup tamales from La Popular.

Here’s their pitch:

We’ve spent many long hours wishing for food we didn’t have, settling for scraps at the office canteen, rushing out to hit a crappy drive-through or waiting hungry for a cold, expensive, and late delivery.We figured there were quite a few other poor bastards stuck in cubicles, feeling the same pain so we decided to do something about it.

Brilliant! We placed an order for today and will report our findings.


  • Darren

    Would prefer to know their delivery area and how to order online. It’s not explained on their website. I’m sitting here in my cubicle in Las Colinas trying to figure out what to order for lunch.

  • Twinwillow

    Sounds like a great idea. Nothing mentioned on their website regarding a minimum order or service charge for deliveries.

  • Mac

    As we’re still in soft launch, we haven’t made it to Las Colinas on our regular runs. I spent about 7 years working in Las Colinas and know that it’s sometimes difficult to get out for lunch because you usually have to drive and there’s a lot of traffic that time of day. That said, Shoot me an email ([email protected]) and we’ll make a special trip. I’d love for you to try some of our tacos! – Mac

    There’s no minimum order if we’re planning to deliver in your area on a particular day. If we have your contact info, we can let you know in advance. As we’re still in soft launch, we haven’t cranked up social media yet to announce the areas we’re delivering in for breakfast or lunch on particular days, but we will be doing so in the near future. And there’s no delivery charge. Feel free to shoot me an email ([email protected]) if you’d like us to come by. Thanks! – Mac

  • Twinwillow

    @Mac: Thanks for the cordial reply.

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  • Nick

    I’ve had the opportunity to have Moto Taco’s awesome concoctions in our office recently, and I have to say, they have the best chicken taco that I’ve ever had, hands down. The combination of sweet and a little spice from the red and yellow peppers compliments the asian flavors of the chicken very well. Keep up the good work Mac!!!!