Mind Your Head: Incoming Taco Restaurant, Taco Republic, in Richardson

Ron Guest, the nice man who gave us Café San Miguel on Henderson Ave. (R.I.P.), is back in business in Richardson. Natch Teresa “GubbShoe” Gubbins is all over the story like truffle oil on fries. Gubbshoe writes Guest’s new spot, Taco Republic, is “an intriguing new spin on gringo tacos.” Expect catfish tacos, “smoky brisket with chipotle barbecue sauce topped with fried onion rings,” and other “whimsical” tacos. Always on alert for the underdog vegetarian diner, Gubbshoe assures us all they don’t have to worry. Quotes and more details here.  Taco Republic in located in the space formerly known as La Paloma at Central and Spring Valley. (Next up: Taco Republican. Now, there’s a concept.)


  • Twinwillow

    I noticed Taco Republic try to spam their new restaurant on Chowhound with three obvious spam postings. They were quickly removed by Chowhound’s ever alert moderator Nazi’s