Men Will Be Boys: Jay Jerrier and Evan Grant Start a “Name a Pizza for Mike Napoli” Contest

Baseball writers work hard during the season. In the off season? Not so much. Obviously, and I say this because he is a friend of mine and I can, DMN beat writer Evan Grant has too much time on his hands. He’s struck up a friendship with Jay Jerrier and the dangerous duo has come up with a shockingly transparent publicity stunt. (Which of course I am shockingly procrastinating enough to promote.)

Here is their deal:

So, we thought we’d bring everything together in one big fun contest (that may also help you pass some time waiting for Yu Darvish/Prince Fielder news).Here’s the bottom line: Since everybody loves the Rangers favorite Italian player, Mike Napoli, our friends at Cane Rosso Pizzeria in Deep Ellum (the hottest pizza spot in town) have agreed to host a “Name The Napoli Pie” Contest. In order to win $200 worth of pizza and some Cane Rosso gear, here’s all you have to do:

I could link to Evan’s blog, but I’m printing the details below.

• Create a pie in honor of Mike Napoli: You must submit a name for the pizza and give us the toppings. It would certainly help if you would explain the name and the significance of said toppings as it relates to Napoli. Submit your entries (or entrees) here or to me via email at [email protected]. If you submit your entry here, please include an email or twitter contact so that we can contact you. All entries must be submitted by Feb. 3.

• Cane Rosso Pizza master Jay Jerrier and I will choose four finalists for the big tasteoff on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. at Cane Rosso. We’ll come up with a judging panel (maybe it will even include Mike Napoli himself, if he’s game and in town).

• The winner will then receive a package of $200 in “Cane Cash” to be used at the Deep Ellum store, along with some Cane Rosso gear. The winning pizza might even make it onto the Cane Rosso menu for a bit as a special seasonal pie. And if you don’t win, you can still come on down, buy a little pizza, have a little baseball talk with me and have an overall fun-filled night. Think of it as a post-Super Bowl, pre-Spring Training party.

Now, get those pizza recipes up and running!