Kid Kritics: Cupcakes from “The Cup Cakin’ Machine”

We debuted Kid Kritic last November. Our kritic is 10-year-old Elizabeth Chandler. She loves sweets. Today she reviews The Cup Cakin’ Machine, a food truck of sorts, but officially it’s a mobile grocery.  “The Machine” can often be found in the Arts District or roaming the DFW Metroplex.  Read on to see what she thinks about these mobile cupcakes.

When I first heard about the food truck, Cup Cakin’, I was watching Project Runway.  Well let’s reverse.  I heard my Dad scream, “Cupcakes!” Normally, that gets me up. But I had to see if Anya won, for like the, millionth time. So when the TV show was over and her victory and all the tears of joy and mushy stuff like that was over, I raced downstairs. So my Dad explained all the cupcake flavors and blah, blah, blah. I found them on the kitchen counter mourning for me to eat them. There was a cookies & cream one and a peanut butter one.


Photo from Cup Cakin' Facebook

I also noticed that they each came in their own personal little cup. This, in my opinion, is a fabulous idea so they don’t get messy or get ruined when transporting them in the car.

Cookies & Cream (photo by Elizabeth Chandler)

I first tried the cookies & cream. I loved it so much that I wolfed it down. Next, I tried the peanut butter cupcake. I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter turned into something, well, other than plain peanut butter, but I definitely recommend it to any Reece’s lovers out there. The last two I tried included a vanilla/bacon one that I wasn’t a big fan of and then, the last but not least, strawberry cupcake. It was a) very strawberry, icing and cake b) it had a vanilla and strawberry swirl for the icing and c) the cake part was fabulous!!!

Also, I didn’t eat all 4 cupcakes at once, something I wouldn’t recommend, believe me I’ve tried something like that and it didn’t have a happy ending. 😉


  • BlogGer

    Cute idea. She should do the French Room.

  • Elizabeth chandler

    Great idea but can u cover me my allowance isn’t big enough. 😉

  • Brandy

    Great comeback Elizabeth! Good job on the review… I’ll look forward to others.