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Gas Station Tacos: El Rincon del D.F. on Walnut Hill in Dallas

By Chris Baccus |
Christopher Baccus loves cars and gas station tacos. We find that very attractive.

Christopher Baccus is  a taco junkie and blogger. Not just any kind of taco, primarily those found in or near gas stations. In his last report he took you here. This week he presents…

Advertising a taqueria that operates in gas station comes in many forms. Usually there is some sort of signage to the side of the station’s mini-mart letting visitors know that tacos are sold inside.  Sometimes y are you might find full-scale restaurants attached to the side of a service station market like the one I recently discovered in Marble Falls, TX.  Some stations just post a small sign next to their current gas prices.

Jump for the glory of gas station tacos.

Taqueria El Rincon del D.F. located at the Gasco station on Walnut Hill just west of Harry Hines gets top billing over the gas prices. There are all kinds of promotional advertising letting you know you have arrived at a taqueria.  There is the logo of the Mexican restaurant over the gas station’s service bay, the restaurant’s name and tagline are in big letters across the mini-mart, and there is promotional advertising on the windows.  Inside you’ll find 14 tables with 48 chairs that dominate two-thirds of the mini-mart space.

The website for El Rincon del D.F. (the “D.F.” is an abbreviated designation for Mexico City meaning Distrito Federal – Federal District) is posted on all of the service pumps.

I went for the tacos, but El Rincon’s claim to fame is their list of over 20 tortas. 

Their taco options are limited. They offer corn and flour tortillas with the following meat choices: fajita, pastor, chorizo, and suadero (brisket from the breast of a cow). I ordered 2 beef fajita, 2 pastor, and 1 suadero.

Two containers of salsa verde and several lime wedges filled the takeout container.  The tacos are $1.50 each which is a bit on the high side for a gas station taqueria, but they are about 150% the size of a typical $1 street taco.  Be cautious with the salsa verde. It is intense and could double as a paint stripper and taco condiment!

The pastor tacos were meaty with very little fat and included chunks of pineapple with the onions and cilantro.  The flavor was near perfect and one of the better pastor options in Dallas.  The tortillas held up well and with a few careful dunks into the salsa there was little not to like.

It was difficult to distinguish which taco was the suadero among the three beef tacos I ordered and they all tasted the same.  The meat was lean with a good amount of flavor and just the right proportion of diced raw onion and fresh cilantro.  A good squeeze of lime and a few dips in the salsa completed a nicely balanced trio of tacos. Really a great group of tacos and worth the trip for sure.

However, when I return, I trying El Rincon del D.F.’s tortas.

Gas Station: Gasco

Address: 2630 Walnut Hill Ln Dallas, TX 75229

Rating (5 out of 5 oil drops):