Former Alma Chef Anastacia Quinones is Now at Komali

I just received a note from former Alma chef Anastacia Quinones. She writes: Just started at Komali and couldn’t be more excited!”

Quinones says owner/chef Abraham Salum wants to change up the menu a bit. “We want to do three different sections on the menu,” Quinones says. “We are going to do some contemporary dishes, some more familiar dishes but not Tex-Mex, and we’re going some rustic hard core authentic dishes.” I asked her to explain what she meant by contemporary. “I like to do some pretty crazy things,” she said. “My guests at Alma really loved it when I went crazy.” Look for menu changes in “the next few weeks.”

Hmm. Perhaps authentic regional Mexican food isn’t selling as well as we thought. Just curious.


  • Abraham Salum

    Don’t always assume the worst Ms. Nichols, authentic mexican cuisine is doing great at Komali. Anastacia will bring a new and fresh approach to our contemporary mexican cuisine. We are very pleased she has joined us and we all look forward to seeing what marvels she produces in our kitchen.

  • Honest Abe

    Funny, every time I go to Komali they are slammed. It looks like things are selling pretty well from a professional diners stand point.

    What I do like is 2 Chef’s of that caliber in the same restaurant. That should make for some delicious cook-offs!

    Can Ms. Nichols post anything without some tacky little barb?

  • ChuckW

    I would like to second Honest Abe comment.

  • vanessa

    I loved her at Alma’s and will now follow her to komali, my husband and I love her, but love the food even more!!

  • cad

    I guess it all depends on your clientele. I for one miss Alma’s very much. It is some of the best food I’ve ever had. But being as I do come from a Mexican background, maybe I just have really good taste when it comes to Mexican cuisine. I wouldn’t pay a dime for Tex-Mex if I was starving to death. Others eat it every day…but that’s probably because they didn’t grow up eating authentic great Mexican food like most hispanics around these parks.

  • Frank

    There is a massive delta between the “rustic hard-core authentic” cuisine us rustic hard-core authentic Mexicans grew up with and the mediocrity lauded by contemporary critics. I think “crazy” is the perfect ingredient for bridging the two worlds as it would force both sides to venture into unfamiliar territory and hopefully emerge at an equilibrium of traditional and contemporary offerings. I wish her the best of luck and can’t wait to try Komali next time I’m in town – I hope it’s as good as (or better) than Alma.

  • Frida

    Good luck Abraham !

    But, didn’t you see what she did at Alma?

  • Bill

    Just another slam by Nancy. After the ripping she gave Meso Maya who really cares what she thinks about authentic mexican cuisine. When i get back to Dallas i will be checking it out