• EP

    Komali, for the first time. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate it a solid ‘meh’. Food was well prepared and nicely presented but not very special. Service was not its strong suit. Nice fireplace tho.

  • Nan

    Scrumbscious Pie Company burger and chocolate cream pie shake – Yum, Yum!
    Dough Pizzeria Pancetta Pizza and Polenta Cake – Yum, Yum!
    KB’s Woodfire Grill – Grilled Chicken Tacos with Corn Grits – Yum!
    Mr G’s Smoked Turkey Rueben – Yum!
    Cedar’s Woodfire Grill Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich – Not so Yum!

  • littleloo

    Woodfire by Kirbys – Blue Ribbon filet! So tender and tasty.

  • Kessler Porker

    Is it unfair to write a bad review of a place if it’s only been open a month? Personally I reckon if they are going to take my money they should be ready for prime time. What do y’all think?

    I’ll hold off on my review till later.

  • Kessler, quite the dilemma IMO. You’re right, they’re open so its fair game but it also takes a while for a new restaurant to hit their stride/groove.

  • Jon Battle

    Del Frisco Grille – had the grilled cheese and tomato bisque and the coconut cream pie….both excellent !!

  • Cassie

    Kessler Porker- No worries…Leslie Brenner does it all the time, even though she swears she doesn’t. But she does, by God. Oh. Yes. She. Does. ;}

  • joeat

    Oak last night and it was fine, certainly nothing special and very pricey. Maybe we went a little too soon after opening. Probably don’t need to go back.

  • Al

    Capital Grill – Plano. Service excellent. Had the lamb – very good. Sides very large, also very good. Hazelnut chocolate cake excellent.

  • acrow

    Finally tried lunch as Crossroads Diner (have had breakfast there several times before – which is always great). Had the housemade corned beef and swiss on rye. It was delicious (albeit a little greasy). Service has definitely improved as well.

  • DNighter

    Ate at Oak on Saturday. Wow! What a nice escape from the typical Dallas haunt. Great Food, solid service & sexy place…def going back this week. Digging the caesar, Lamb and panna cotta. Can’t wait to try the beats, Kobe and crem duo!

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