• Beda

    First visit to Velvet Taco – love the tuna taco. Had two, at $4.50 each, and left hungry. Plus $2.50 for tea? I’ll drink water next time (I will be back for the tuna taco).

  • Amy S

    The many times I’ve been to Crossroads Diner I’ve intended to order the Chicken Piccatta, only to wimp out at the last minute and order one of the breakfast specialties. This week I made myself stick to my intentions, to no regret at all. In fact, the entire meal was gone within 10 minutes. Best plate of food I’ve bought in weeks!

    Fast food breakdown – my teenager has turned me on to Raising Cane’s chicken, which may have hip-checked Cowboy Chicken out of the top of the take-home meals category.

  • Twinwillow

    Dinner at Kenny’s Italian Kitchen. In a word, meh. And, the service was worse!

  • ChuckW

    Dinner at Bolsa Wed night – great vibe , great room. Sat at bar. Louisiana Red Fish was ah…fishy. For one of the hippest places in the city , Bolsa has one of the most least creative wine lists around. Not that I don’t enjoy both Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio or Ch.St.Michelle Riesling (think most 7-11′ have those) , but 2 offerings from Joel Gott. Hell , 24 Diner in Austin has a Mercurey Blanc on their black board. Very unimaginative. Forced to drink very good cocktails.

  • South Central hombre

    Mariscos Chente, La Huasteca, Chiva Loca, Maricos El Paisa, Cenaduria Gumacus, Pili’s Tacos, Tacos Por Favor, Mastros, La Isla Bonita food truck, Johnnie’s Pastrami, Urth Coffee shop, Titio’s Tacos, Loteria Grill, Red O, Street. Huge orders of everything on each menu that looked appetizing – all in 2 days.

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