Cork Wine Bar in West Village Gets New Owners

Pop a cork with Stephanie and Jeff.

Meet Stephanie and Jeff Rennells, the new owners of Cork Wine Bar in West Village. They haven’t changed the name but they’ve reworked the concept. It’s no longer a “try before you buy” shop, they’ve added tables and customers can order a tasting selection or grab their own and sit down to enjoy it. They’re trying to lure in a “whole new 30s crowd” in to try wine. Grand reopening party on January 20 with free wine, music, and nibbles.


  • me

    What is it about that picture that makes me not like those people?

  • M Collins

    I went by Cork to check it out and I think it’s amazing. I met the new Owners, Stephanie and Jeff. They are so cool and laid back and took time to show me the tasting stations and I had a glass or two!! You’ve gotta check this place out!

  • Ha ha, I agree about the picture. I always look so short next to my wife.

  • Ava Sue

    I heart my D Magazine blogs and when I saw that Cork had new owners I just had to stop by since I live within walking distance. Totally surprised that Stephanie was the one that greeted me at the door! She is super cool and the vibe is so laid back and chill. I think I’ve found my home away from home. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for the grand reopening.

  • TLS

    Since I’m no longer in my ’30s, I guess I’m not of the desired demographic. I have more money than I did in my ’30s so if any wine bar is open to the 40+ crowd let me know!

  • Stephanie

    Cork is open to everyone (of drinking age, of course). :). Please stop by for a glass, or two, of wine with us!

  • Traci Blatchford

    Love Cork! My husband and I have been frequenting the place for about two years and consider it our date night spot (fyi- great pizza place next door too). If you haven’t been, it’s definitely with checking out!!

  • JS

    Jeff. I don’t know what else you have going for you, but you are one lucky guy.
    PS I am not referring to Cork!

  • JG

    Im 53 and usually go with a group of friends, varying in age down to early 30’s. All of us always have a good time and purchase wines by the bottle to drink there while we talk. Usually two hours later we go over to Grimaldis and have pizza. Cork is an awesome place, friendly staff and comfortable environment. They have an enormous selection of wines and many are very reasonable to buy a bottle (or three) for sitting and conversing with friends. The changes they made by adding more seating makes it a perfect casual environment.

  • Johnny Cardinal

    I got to hang out with Stef and Jeff at cork once. They are the bees knees. Everyone should should try this place! They have great wines for those who like good wine.

  • Ryan B.

    Great spot to hang out, have a glass and relax with friends. They also have a nice back room for birthdays and other special events.

  • Arnold P

    Typical Dallas wannabe farce. Cork had the best staff and an unpretentious vibe. The claim to want the 30 somethings is evidence of the desire for hip-ness over substance. If you do get them, they’ll leave as quickly as they came. So get they’re money quick before they find somewhere else to spend it.