Chinese New Year at Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck

Golden pineapple sticky cake with gold-dusted chocolate talon

Last night, I schmoozed with some Dallas media people at Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck for a complimentary sampling of its Chinese New Year’s menu. Big D foodies like Teresa Gubbins, Steven Doyle, Jennifer (RealPoshMom), and the nice lady from foodbitch (I swear you said your name was “Katie,” but your blog says “Rachel.”) busted out their phone cameras the second after Executive Chef Patton Robertson finished introducing each course. Photos of the five courses happily lodging inside my intestines have already been posted on several different blogs, so there’s no point rehashing all the deets. I’d just like to add this little bit: the lobster dumpling had a thicker skin than I’m used to, yet the golden pineapple sticky cake made the whole elevator ride up to Five Sixty completely worth it for someone with baby acrophobia.

Jump because you’re hungry and you know it.

Loup de mer with lemon and black pepper sauce

It’s a pricey prix fixe at $125 per person ($175 with wine pairings), but, hey, Chinese New Year only comes once a year. Reserve your table before this menu is gone on February 3.

Chef’s amuse
Gulf shrimp springroll & egg drop soup

1st Course: Fire Dragon
Wok-fired lobster dumplings and XO chili sauce

2nd Course: Water Dragon
Roasted loup de mer with preserved lemon & black pepper sauce

3rd Course: Wood Dragon
Apple wood smoked Peking duck, Chinese mustard, and duck fried rice

4th Course: Earth Dragon
Szechuan pepper crusted filet wok fired longevity noodles

The pastry chef’s amuse:
House-made fortune cookie and tangerine sorbet
(The Cantonese word for ‘tangerine’ sounds like luck and wealth)

5th Course: Metal Dragon
Golden pineapple sticky cake black pepper ice cream, gold dusted chocolate talon


  • eat my cohorts

    im just curious, do people actually go to Five Sixty, like day-in and day-out? i’m not knocking it b/c I’ve only been there for happy hour, which was very good. but the whole “spend a ton of money on Asian Fusion food in a tower in Dallas” just doesn’t seem like it would draw.

  • sl

    The pineapple cake really does look mouth-watering delicious!