Trader Joe’s Announces Two New Locations: Dallas and Plano

Where should Dallas put the Santa Monica Pier?

According to Teresa “Gumbshoe” Gubbins, a representative for Trader Joe’s told the told the DMN a store will open in the old Arcadia Theater space on Lower Greenville Avenue in the fall of 2012. A Plano location, in an old Kroger at Preston and Park, will open in the spring. The Fort Worth store at 2701 South Hulen Street and a location in a the Woodlands near Houston will open this spring. I have not been able to confirm the rumor that developer Ray Washburne plans to move the Santa Monica Pier to Highland Park Village.


  • Ozonedude

    Apparently one can get scoop credit for reading an article in the News? Groovy. Count me in. I read it too.

  • I guess my sarcastic tone didn’t shine through, Ozonedude. Dang. A link to a link to a link is the “new reporting!”

  • JB

    Wait a sec. I saw Gubbins’ Tweet early this morning waaay before I saw it on the DMN. In fact I bet her tweet was out faster than the DMN’s tweet. …. Man, I dunno who gets credit for breaking news these days.

  • Joe Abboud

    So why not just say “The DMN reports …”?

  • I am 112 miles away from Dallas and I heard Teresa think it. I was going to tweet it but it was 3AM and I didn’t want to steal her thunder.

  • Twinwillow

    Will the crying girl at the Plano In-N-Out opening be there?

  • StephTX

    @Twinwillow that made me actually LOL…ahhhhhh….

  • PF

    Traffic control needs to start planning for the Dallas opening.
    Lower Greenville is one lane in each direction.

  • Supe

    Unlike In-N-Out, I guess Trader Joes’s would not pay you for a cover.

  • Supe

    Or the scoop on the opening.

  • yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! <3 tj's

  • stillW

    Leave it to California, the leader of trends, to discover what the people in North Dallas, PC and Collin County don’t know: East Dallas is cool.

  • cbs

    Ok, what am I missing? Lower Greenville seems to be one of the worst locations of all rumored spots. Horrible traffic flow, poor parking, close to nothing significant …hmmm, I hope the rent is cheap.

    I’ll still go, but that is a very odd location.