Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Great Soup in Dallas

She’s a gay old gal and she’s got plenty of aches and pains. She asks for your help.

Nancy, I need to comfort my poor old bones. Can you tell me the best places to get soup. Not just a restaurant but maybe someplace that sells it in larger quantities? I’m no gourmet. I buy the crud from the deli at Tom Thumb and it’s so salty. Thanks.

Crud from Tom Thumb? Wow, a critic to boot. I could think of a few places to tell her but that is your job. Get to it.


  • irodguy

    Whole foods always has a nice selection of soups. It’s a reasonable choice if you don’t want to just make your own.

  • Twinwillow

    +1 for Wholefoods soups. They offer a large selection daily and all are delicious. Lobster chowder, chicken noodle and, cod chowder are among my favorites. Offhand, I would say there are about 16-18 choices daily at the Lomo Alto location.

  • SDM

    Rex’s Seafood

  • Steve

    Two Sisters To Go

  • Eagles

    Central Market has a decent soup selection but it depends on the day.

  • MoMo

    Soups are so easy to make…go to and find a great recipe exactly to your tastes. Only get a 3.5 to 4 fork recipe. Yes, I am lazy and like to purchase soups too….but I feel like they are never exactly what I want.

  • LJT

    Have to agree with Whole Foods and Two Sisters. Note WF Lomo Alto – there are three different soup stations: one in seafood, one in meat and one by the salad/food bars. It’s been a while but Two Sisters made the most amazing mushroom soup I’ve ever had.

  • Katie M.

    You can call in and order Greenz soups by the quart. Awesome soups. My favorite is cream of asparagus and I don’t even like asparagus in its usual form.

  • DallasFoodie

    Not a fan of Whole Foods soups but LOVE Central Markets and Eatzis.

  • Katie

    Whole foods at Park Lane (sure it’s at other locations too) has two types of chicken noodle. One is traditional, but the one that’ll knock your socks off has a thicker base. I think I read the ingredients as a parmesan based broth. Um, yeah. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

  • Katie

    ALSO – Cisco Grill in Snider Plaza has the best potato soup bar none.

  • Greenz also has several other soups beyond the norm of chicken tortilla (which they also have) including Pear and Pumpkin and Ancho Butternut Squash.

  • acrow

    Lunda de Noche for tortilla and Xochitl (sp?)
    Avilas has wonder pozole, as does Wild Salsa
    Green Chile stew a Chuys
    Potbelly Veggie Soups is probably the best vegtable soup I’ve had