Snippet From Snooty Foodies: Del Frisco’s Grille in Dallas

Hey y’all, remember the Snooty Foodies? The dashing couple who dine out so much they had to take a break from their blog? Well, they’ve decided to dip their toes back into the blogosphere by sending in a snippet whenever they bloody well feel like it. That’s why we call them snooty. Plus they use “I” instead of “we.” Here, they go.

The first Del Frisco’s Grille in New York has been open for a while in very modest digs (ha!) at 50 Rock which is just down the street from their steakhouse in Manhattan. The NYC DFG is rocking. So is the Nick & Sam’s Grill, the light version on Nick & Sam’s here in Dallas. Judging from the crowd’s I’ve seen at Del Frisco’s Grille on McKinney, I think Del Frisco’s opening on McKinney Ave in the heart of uptown is a good idea.

Three major concerns leapt to mind before my first visit to DFG: it’s a new glitzy spot in douche bag central, casual off shoots from fine dining restaurants rarely wow me, and inevitably the bar will be 4 deep and I don’t like to wait on drinks. So I decided to visit mid-afternoon and I didn’t have to wait on a couple of Bentleys to move so I could get to the valet stand.

Jump for it.It’s a beautiful space and gigantic (18,000 sq ft) with an upstairs and a two-level glass wine cellar. The service staff appears very Uptown: cool hair and cool names but, at least when I visited, it wasn’t very busy and the service was attentive and friendly.

The was nothing particularly mind blowing on the menu and I didn’t see the need to order a steak (we know these guys can kill a cow with the best of them), so we ordered a crab cake with lobster sauce ($16), pimento cheese fritters with chipotle ranch ($9), NOLA BBQ shrimp with po’ boy bread ($14), and a main entree of veal meatloaf with wild mushrooms and Bordelaise sauce ($19).

The crab cake was exactly what I expected: 90% lump crab delicately held together until a simple nudge from the fork breaks it and the meat tumbles into the lobster sauce. Crab cakes in any steakhouse should be good and DGS’s lived up to my expectations.

I don’t know or trust anyone who doesn’t like fried cheese. [Ed. Note: make me your first!] DFG’s version was tasty. You could definitely taste the pimento and the breading was fairly light. I didn’t get any of the promised chipotle taste in the ranch dipping sauce, but there was something dark floating in there so presumably it was present.

I will go head to head with anyone on New Orleans-syle BBQ shrimp. I’m an expert. I love to eat it and I love to cook it. It’s so simple to make: basically butter, oil, garlic, rosemary, and Tabasco. Given DF’s New Orleans roots, I had high expectations for this starter.  Four big daddy U-10 shrimp with a good sear were served in a shallow pool of the famous sauce. Unfortunately, it tasted like someone in the kitchen was into “flour power.” The flavors were good but I couldn’t get past the grit from the flour that I suppose was added to thicken it up? The po’ boy bread was nicely toasted and would have been great for dipping if I hadn’t already hit carbo-overload on the sauce.

The screw-up factor is pretty low on meatloaf and DFG’s serves a good rendition. It’s moist with a good crust on top and the portion is huge–two big slabs over a mound of mashed potatoes. I’m not so sure the mushrooms as “wild” as the menu claimed. They sure looked like halved portobellos to me and the bordelaise was good not great. The dish was actually heightened by the fact that it was cold and raining and I needed some comfort food.

The wine list has the usual suspects from California and a short list of $10-$14 Pinots, Malbecs, and Shiraz to accompany the $15 Del Frisco’s Reserve Cabernet on their by-the-glass list. Overpriced reds in a steakhouse?  Who woulda thunk it?

As my late lunch lingered into happy hour, the douche bag factor began to grow exponentially. But that made for good people watching and some good pictures to put on my Pinterest page.


  • Jenn

    WOW, pot meet kettle, the only thing douchey here is this rather poorly written article! Sorry, but I gotta call major BS here.

    1-Nancy Nichols, WTF is your job these days? Do you do ANYTHING at all? Are you the editor or a washed up wannabe who is so desperate for content that you’ll make up news when you don’t have a story, or publish ANYTHING to cover a topic, even resort to throwing around trendy buzzwords you think make your articles sound salacious? Um, HELLO, If you want to earn reader’s viewership step up your game, or step off!!!!

    2-Isn’t the editor’s job (or someone’s job) to check facts before an article is published? The restaurant is NOT18,000 sf, it’s more like 8K sf.

    3-I love how you’re judging the restaurant, NOT by your actual experience as a “professional” food critic, but from what you are wanting to write about. You went there with the intent of painting a place “douchey” before you ever even walked in the door. Who’s snooty and douchey now? Way to generate buzz for SideDish – let’s serve up a big steaming pile of douchebaggery for everyone – BRAVO (ewwwww, i smell poo)!

    While I agree that there are some douchey factors related to DFG, this article is pointless dribble. It didn’t tell me anything about why I would or would not want to eat there, or why you dubbed it with the Crown of Doucheyness. Yeah, OK they have food, and you went there, ordered it and ate it (yawn). The shrimp was MEH, the meatloaf was decent, and they have a wine list, but was the restaurant overall good or bad? Was there ANYTHING worth checking out? Was there anything interesting they’re doing? Was it actually douchey, or are you just too snooty to give the place a “real” review?

  • Chris

    Nancy, You just lost a listener and now I will tell a friend about The Ticket!

  • Jenn

    WAIT – This isn’t even a sentence: “Judging from the crowd’s I’ve seen at Del Frisco’s Grille on McKinney, I think Del Frisco’s opening on McKinney Ave in the heart of uptown.”


  • Mary

    Wow, talk about an overreaction there, @Jenn. Somebody didn’t take their medication this morning…

    1. Nancy said ONE THING about how the “douche bag factor” increased as happy hour approached. How did you make that the focus of your pathetic “critique?” Newsflash, darling: it’s in Uptown…the guys are most likely going to be tools.
    2. Nancy visited the restaurant and tried to food. Not sure where you got the idea that she just “wanted to write about something.” Ridiculous.
    3. The title of the article is “Snippet from SNOOTY Foodies.” Are you surprised that she is going to be critical of the restaurant itself? THAT IS HER JOB.

    I can’t believe I’m even wasting five minutes of my day to correct you, but I couldn’t let you tarnish the good name of Nancy Nichols and SideDish without a rebuttal. Then again, your “review” pretty much speaks for itself.

  • Jenn, I’m sorry for your experience. I posted the wrong version of the story turned into me by the authors, The Snooty Foodies. I am leaving it as is because it is too late to change. However, I have completed the sentence and changed the square footage. Online, fact checking is up to the writer. I have three jobs here so yes some days I perform better than others. I am a human being in an industry trying to compete with other entities. I’ve never pretended to be perfect. However, I do strive to bring news and interesting voices to SideDish. Perhaps you’d like to take a shot at it. I’d welcome your perspective as I do others.

  • Marvin Lee

    The Snooties seem to be messing up quite a bit. Last week they named Norman Grimm as the chef at the new Nosh and he isn’t even employed at Nosh. Seems there are a lot of facts that need to be checked on this blog. Pity.

  • Mary, thank you. However, I did not write the post. It is written by a couple known as Snooty Foodies. Thanks, Marvin. I have my water hose out and putting out fires as they pop up.

  • Jenn, we wrote the article not nancy. As she said, different versions were submitted and created a few grammatical errors.

    18,000 sq ft is what the guys at DFG told me. I’m not a contractor. The place is huge. I took them at face value. Apologies to all that now won’t go since its apparently not as large as we said.

    Finally, by my math 6 of the 10 paragraphs in the post discussed food and wine. It’s a first take review. You really didn’t read any recommendations or opinions?

    Crown of doucheyness!? We didn’t dub the restaurant anything. We were referencing the typical “new hot restaurant” crowd. But that’s hilarious! Can we use that?

  • Marvin, Norman Grimm is currently at Nosh and, unless something happened over the weekend, will be the opening chef at nosh Plano. In fact he’s probably finishing up lunch service at the oak lawn location so go check him out. Cool guy.

  • Marvin Lee

    You might want to call the restaurant and check your facts. I just had lunch there and he is not employed at Nosh.

  • As I said….unless something happened over the weekend… Well, apparently it did. Norman and nosh parted ways Saturday. Facts were checked and accurate when the story was posted last week.

  • timmy

    Crab cake with lobster sauce – $16
    Dry-aged Ribeye – $39
    Del Frisco’s Reserve Cab – $15

    Jenn apologizing to Nancy for blasting her (twice) for an article she didn’t write – PRICELESS

  • Jenn

    Mary – I didn’t mean to offend you, but I just didn’t like the fact this article had an agenda, and sadly, that had more to do with self-indulgent snootyness than it did with writing a professional restaurant critique. The article didn’t lend credibility to the writer, to Nancy Nichols, or to SideDish for publishing it. It was just really bad writing and, frankly, if I want to read something like that I could read Eater.

    SnootyFoodie – Please don’t insult me by defending your blatant disregard for getting the facts straight and your lack of professionalism. When you preface the restaurant as being “in douche bag central” and that you had “major concerns before you’ve even set foot in the place,” then close with another “douche” statement (none of which had anything to do with your actual dining experience), that becomes the take away. The point is you have a responsibility as a reporter to write factual information, you either take that job seriously or you don’t.

    Nancy – I appreciate you adding the paragraph at the top. Originally, it wasn’t clear if you wrote this or not, even Mary was confused by that. I sincerely appreciate the apology and the corrections, I know you’re human but, I’d hope someone actually reads the article before actually publishing it. I’m a little shocked to learn SideDish leaves fact checking to the person writing the article, especially when that person does refuses to accept responsibility for reporting factual information. I can only hope that you as the Editor cares enough to find qualified writers who have professional integrity and care about producing quality content.

  • Chris

    All of you need to listen to The Ticket…. There ya go Gordon Keith!! I am doing my job telling a person about The Ticket!!! Gordon Keith and The Observer are at war and hate each other!!

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  • DallasFoodie

    I guess I am just confused on the credentials of these so-called Snooty Foodies and why they have deemed themselves food critics. I appreciate a fun “first look,” but this just didn’t make much sense to me.

  • Sammy

    Someone needs to point out to Jenn that Uptown is full of douches. Did she not know this? Everyone else does.

  • Nancy,

    I’d love how you have guest bloggers. Check out my blog.


  • The Janitor

    Ate there – never again. Three steaks which were mediocre to downright flavorless at best to begin with had to be sent back for proper cooking. Most of the sides were not worth repeating. The desserts disappointed. The service regularly interrupted conversations. Just a bad experience – service bad, food bad, decor ok, but having seen it once there’s no reason to return.