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Sneak Peek: The Chesterfield Opens Ever So Softly on Main Street in Dallas

Bar Crew at The Chesterfield

The Chesterfield, the tony new bar backed by Ed Bailey and manned by Ed “Lucky ” Campbell,  opened somewhat softly on Friday night. It is in the old Doc Bell’s BBQ place on Main Street in downtown Dallas.  Sumptuous old couches have been moved in and the well-stocked bar ready to “celebrate the golden age of cocktails”  runs down one exposed brick wall of the oblong space. It’s urban sophistication in the glass and in the space.

Jump for my favorite thing.In the  back is a portal into the galley kitchen. The tiny space is  not a problem for  Chef  Michael Ehlert. In fact, his workspace at The Chesterfield  is wide-open acreage compared to some of the places  he worked in NYC. (Most recently Ehlert was at DBGB.)

Campbell was so psyched about the location, he signed the lease a year ago without a penny in the bank. He is totally convinced  he is right about choosing  downtown. Campbell looked at other locations, including Bishop Arts (and Kepler 22b for all I know), but decided  nowhere offered the vibrancy and economics of downtown.  Of course it’s  Ed Bailey’s money on the line, a fact that helps Campbell sleep at night.

I think that this place could be stratospherically successful. [Ed. note: Huh?] It combines the sophistication and lack of starchiness of  a Stephan Pyles establishment. Come in jeans, or in your suit after work, or in a tux on your way to a holiday party or the symphony. Sample flatbreads and small plates from a chef who joins the band of Dallas chefs who have spent time working in a world-class environment. I hope the food offered  allows Ehlert to display his talents. And you can be sure that Lucky’s bar and mixology crew is going to have their heads banged until they are among the best in town.

Chef Michael Ehlert is slicing brioche. That means there must be foie gras nearby...

D will return to review it anonymously at a later date. For now, check it out. 1404 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75202. 214-741-2811.

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