Let’s Talk Boxing Day in Dallas!

Hey, hosers! How’s it going, eh? What are your plans for Boxing Day? Betcha Yanks a toonie you didn’t know SideDish is freakin’ huge in Canada! Yep, it’s true, eh? Last time I was in Toronto (Toronnah) I spied some Canadian idiot sporting a toque (two-k) with a big red D on it! My brother-in-law went all Don Cherry on me and said the D stood for Detroit (dee-troi-e-ot). What else would you expect from a pansy Red Wings fan? (Q: What do you call 5 Detroit Red Wings players standing ear to ear? A: A wind tunnel!)

I love Boxing Day, the first business day after Christmas. All of Ontario closes and we sit on the chesterfield and chow down on donuts, beer, macaroni and cheese, and watch hockey. The NHL pretty much owns Canada on Boxing Day now. They have TEN GAMES scheduled. My friend’s mum puts out (uhoot) a hellofa buffet (boo-fay). And k.d. lang always sends me a fruit cake. Go Leafs! (Q: Why don’t the Leafs drink tea? A: Because the Canadiens have all the cups.) And hello Peterborough!


  • Bruce

    We are having a Boxing day party if you would like to join us. Starts at 4.

  • Gastrognome

    I will be celebrating Boxing Day in the traditional manner: I will turn up Rush’s Moving Pictures very loudly, fry up some Canadian Bacon, sip a nice Canadian Club and then get ready for all the big boxing matches.

  • Gastrognome

    Also, I’d like to point out that I am a great lover of books.

  • Sandy

    Crack up! I’m from Canada. We do big party on Boxing Day! But we’re sick of Leafs. Go Stars!

  • Kirk

    Macaroni and cheese? KRAFT DINNER!!!

  • Bare Naked Ladies, Kirk. Get with it. Cottage country freak.

  • Kirk

    I bet you pour Dijon ketchup all over you “macaroni and cheese.” And your doughnuts too.

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  • Bruce

    Kirk you add ketchup to Kraft dinner. And you order long John donuts only. With a regular Timmies