“Honey, You Get the Pie.” Buying Holiday Pie in Dallas

Every year, I get the same command: “Honey, you get the pie.” Last year, I failed miserably. I asked you where to go.  Here is what you suggested. I got an early start on 2011 by tasting my way through your list of suggestions.I set out on my pie trek, using your suggestions as a guide post.  I found my pie nirvana at Little Aprons BakeryRead more about my gluttonous adventures through Little Aprons, Central Market, Normas, and more.

Little Aprons' cherry pie

SideDish contributor Daniel Walker also helped. He wrote about apple pie: “The Place at Perry’s brown-bag apple pie is quite possibly the greatest pie to have ever graced my lips.” More recently, Daniel told us about Scrumbscious Pie in Mesquite where he found fresh baked pies and “pie shakes.”

Yesterday, I got the command. The pie is my job. I’m wavering on which route to go. Am I missing something? Please help me–and potentially yourself–by tossing in your thoughts.


  • Carpe Diem

    The Commissary has some great pies not many people know about made by Tesar’s wife

  • El_Matarife

    Tootie Pie Co is GREAT but CRAZY expensive. It’s possibly one of the best pies I’ve ever eaten, but for $31-36 depending on variety it had damn well BETTER be.

    Mama’s Daughters is probably a decent choice. And there’s a ton of other diner-esque places that have been open forever that probably do a solid if not spectacular job.

  • Sandy

    The pie at Perrys IS delicious but you can’t take it home!

  • Old Man

    Rosebud’s at The Pavilion on Lovers Lane – the best chocolate cream pie and banana cream pie around

  • JoJo

    I second Rosebud’s for pies. The owner is a former Chef for La Madeleine back when they actually made their own food. They even make bite size mini pie versions of the big ones. I always get these for parties.