• Sonja McGill

    I ate at Central 214 and Times Ten with @canerosso. Preferred @canerosso 4 sure.

  • Twinwillow

    Lunch today at Taco Al Banqueta (formally, El Gurero) on Gaston Avenue near Garland Road. Great Suadero (brisket) tacos loaded with onions and cilantro for only $1.35 each. Their green hot sauce is the best in Dallas!

  • TLS

    Yao Fuzi was extraordinary, especially the 5 Star shrimp. I want to live there.

    Dinner at Hibiscus was for the most part really good but the salt man was over performing his duties. Just about everything we ate was over salted. The duck fries were inedible. I drank more water than wine that night and this saddens me.

  • joeat

    Really nice lunch at Private | Social. Not fabulous but the beef/fish roll very good and the beef salad wonderful. Everything was ok, but they have to jump up a notch or two to keep this place going – no personality or vibe. Good, not great or memorable. When we left, looked like Del Frisco Grille was really jumping. Next week for sure..

  • Great sliced brisket at Off the Bone in Dallas. They added it to the menu recently and it is definitely above average for Dallas brisket.

  • Sawnie McGee

    We were in town visiting relatives and we went to Commissary because it was one of D magazines top new restaurants. It was a joke!!! The food was marginal and like you said the service was bad. The waitress asked if we wanted meat on our burger!!!! It was funny because we had read your review so we were expecting bad service. We were not expecting bad food. It was nothing special. The burgers were overcooked. My daughter did like her salad though. Dallas must have really been a slow year for new places because if this is one of your top 10 places boy is that sad! My family is about to kill me because we wasted a meal at this place.

  • PF

    Empire bakery – is there anything they don’t excel at? Picked up a pecan pie and it was very good.
    The Grape – consistently good food and service.

  • Cassie

    Zanata in Plano for New Years Eve. Braised quail, root vegetable foie gras hash for me(my first quail) and short ribs, truffled potatoes and red, orange and yellow baby carrots. Incredible food, nice waiter and a really nice atmosphere. Wish I had a doggie bag.

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  • David

    Tried the new J.J.’s Cafe (formerly Divine Coffee Shop) at Easton and NW Hwy. I believe they serve only breakfast and lunch. The breakfast Scramble I got was very fresh (smoked ham and an assortment of veggies), good coffee and a nice, renovated interior. They start serving their lunch buffet early (it was already set up at 10:45am), but it didn’t look too inspiring. As with Divine Coffee Shop, it features an older, church going clientele. A good breakfast choice if you’re in the neighborhood.