Executive Chef Chad Kelley Exits Meddlesome Moth

Meddlesome Moth’s execuchef Chad Kelley has left, according to owner Shannon Wynne, “to teach.” Where? “I don’t know,” Wynne said. “We’ve promoted sous chef Jennifer Otsuki.”

I reached Kelley. “I’m taking a break for a while,” Kelley said. My wife and I are looking at new concepts for next year if the economy turns around.” (She’s an architect.) Until then, Kelley has taken a position at Le Cordon Bleu on Webb Chapel in Dallas.

Wynne just issued this statement: “We are excited that Jennifer Otsuki has been promoted to Chef at the Meddlesome Moth where she has been working as sous chef under Chad Kelley for nearly two years. She is the one with the flair always sporting feathers and flowers in her hair and loves to visit the tables. She is joined by sous chefs Nic Amoriello and Keith Grober. Amoriello was formerly a sous chef at Taverna and  Nobu and a graduate of CIA in Hyde Park New York. ( We call him the Ninja Chef.) Grober recently graduated from the culinary School of Ft. Worth.”