Bolsa Mercado in Oak Cliff: The Top 10 Sellers

I meant to post this copy earlier in Desiree’s photo essay, but I am running behind schedule. Yesterday, I asked the folks at Bolsa Mercado to give me a list of the top ten products they sold during their first week. Curious to see what the folks in the OC bought? Read on.

1. Housemade Broken Arrow Wild Boar Sausage, with broccoli rabe and cherries (8.99lb)

2. Our Nightly take home dinners for two (this weeks best seller was Veal, Pork & Beef Meatloaf w/ caramelized onion wild mushroom gravy, potato mash, braised red cabbage, frisee salad and roast butternut squash soup $26.99)

3. Olympic Provision’s salumi (all types)

4. La Fin Du Monde, golden ale

5. Veldhuizen Cheese (prices vary)

6. Evan’s Farm Prime Beef (ribeyes and strips)

7. House made Pastrami Sandwich

8. Village baking Company Bread (Baguettes $3)

9. La Madrid Single Vineyard Bonarda (18.99)

10. The Cliff Juice (pineapple, cucumber, celery mint & jalapeno $6)