A Girl Walks Into a Bar: Bolla Bar at the Stoneleigh Hotel in Dallas

The Red Heart. (Photography by Elizabeth Lavin)

Each month, Moira Muldoon walks into a bar and writes about it. Here’s her look at the Bolla Bar at the Stoneleigh Hotel. Gotta tip for Muldoon? Leave it below.

At first glance, the Bolla Bar at the Stoneleigh Hotel is borderless. It’s hard to tell if you’re in the lobby or actually in the bar itself—or if somehow you’re in both at once. People wheel suitcases through. The sparkling chandeliers and the plush satin seating wrap around square marble columns and convey opulence and elegance. The smooth arch of the bar itself, a wooden semicircle, a proscenium of sorts, is lovely.

Rooms at the Stoneleigh start at $219, and the service at the bar is solid, the way you’d expect from a high-end hotel with a much-vaunted art deco style and a list of whites by the glass that start at $8 (happy hour wines are $5). When my glass neared empty, a server appeared. Water was refilled consistently, unobtrusively. My friend drank cosmopolitans, remarking that each was different in taste and texture and that each was good.

Stay with her.


  • I love when servers effortlessly refill water. It’s how I know I’m somewhere with class. But then again I don;t know too much about that!
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  • Katie M.

    Wonderful work. Thanks for the read.

  • Matt B.

    Wonderful Work? You must be friends with Moira because this article (as well as past articles) was awful. All the writer does is talk about herself and her friends. After reading this particular article i know nothing new or at all about Bolla Bar. D magazine please stop paying this lady to write articles for you.

  • Dubious Brother

    @Matt B. – I’ve been to the Bolla Bar just a few times and I have had a Brooklyn Beer, wine by the glass, seen a wedding party walk through and a multi-generational table but sadly missed the young lady with the slit tease. I’m not sure what article you read but I would say that Ms. Muldoon nailed it.

  • Sandy

    Some of you people should go live in a hole. I can’t believe how mean you can be to someone you don’t know who has written something about her experience in a bar. Lighten up. I hope Santa reads this Matt B

  • Marc

    You guys all have to be kidding. Aside from writing what sounds like a scene from a Fitzgerald novel, there lacks a review of the bar, which to my understanding was the point of the article. Moira is intricate in her description of how the scene appears and some of the patrons, but there’s little actual review of the bar. MattB isn’t complaining about her writing; he’s suggesting that this “review” doesn’t actually inform the reader of whether or not this bar is worth visiting.

  • Matt B.

    It’s called criticism Sandy, deal with it. Also Santa isn’t real.