Torchy’s Tacos in Dallas Closed for a Holiday Party

A few minutes ago I noticed a tweet from Torchy’s Taco: “Yes, Torchy’s is closed. No, the world is not over.” I called the Preston Forest restaurant and got a recorded message. I called an all of the other locations and got voicemail. However, the Austin location on South First says: “we closed for repairs on Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th and re-open on the 6th.”

Now Andrea Grimes @Eater says they are closed for a holiday party. “Which you can find out if you read like, five of their tweets.” Guess I shouldn’t use the phone anymore.



  • they were always slammed at lunch – surprised by this news

  • smithdew

    Closed for the day…it’s three tweets down. They’re in Austin for a holiday party.

  • EBL

    We tried to go there for lunch… the note on the door said they closed today for their employee holiday party. Lame.

  • No need to panic, friends, they’re closed for a holiday party.!/TorchyTaco/status/141208529762660352

  • I’ll say again – while pricey, the Democrat is a damn good taco. insert your own political joke here.