Stuff it!

Jon over at TJ’s Fresh Seafood just let us know about two stuffings that have me counting the days until next Thursday. First he’s making an oyster stuffing, which is a simple affair with white & corn bread mixed with plump oysters and herbs and which he says he grew up eating back home in Virginia. Second is his crawfish & andouille cornbread stuffing, which he’s been making on the sly for a few customers every year and is finally making available to everyone.

Sounds great! But in all fairness, I’ll probably still make my own. It’s simple, it involves stale bread and chicken broth, and makes me feel like I’m eight years old and hanging out in my grandmother’s kitchen. 

How about you? Will you be trying something fancy? ordering out? or making a family specialty?


  • Bob STowe

    “makes me feel like I’m eight years old and hanging out in my grandmother’s kitchen.”

    Yeah, I agree, but did your grandmother ever make crawfish/andouille stuffing?!?! Mine sure didn’t. Thanksgiving to me is being with family AND having new experiences. I’ll make g-ma her traditional whiskey sour. Bring on the new tradition of crawfish stuffing!

  • Rob

    Jimmy’s Italian Sausage and Corn Bread Stuffing – no need for oysters mudbugs or andouiile even though the mudbug stuffing does sound good

  • we love Jimmy’s – no argument there! I still say the Jimmy’s Italian Stallion is the best sandwich in Dallas.

  • Brandy

    Sounds awesome Jon! But I prefer to make my own too. Love love love Thanksgiving!!! Best holiday. All about the food and no stupid gifts. ; P

  • Kirk

    Jon, I am sure that your stuffings are good, but you really need someone to help with your food styling. That photo makes it look like a dog’s breakfast.

  • @kirk – i didn’t even see the caption that it says “TJ’s shrimp, cornbread and andouilled stuffing”. its actually a stock photo. we’re a mom & pop, we don’t do food styling. you’re lucky if you get a pic from my iphone of anything we do!

    • Mea culpa on the caption. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Mark L

    Jon Alexis is the best. No one knows seafood like he does. I always follow his educational columns at Crave DFW.

  • Kirk

    Sorry, Jon. I assumed that it was yours. Relieved that you’re focused on the food rather than photos, though.