Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Birthday Party on The Cheap in Dallas

She’s young and wants to party. It’s her birthday. I’m sure y’all have a great idea for here. She whispers:

Wanted to ask your advice on something. I enter the mid-20s in a couple of weeks and would like to celebrate my day of birth with several (maybe 15) friends in Dallas. See, I live in Arlington and don’t know Dallas very well. I’m looking at Knox-Henderson, Uptown, downtown — don’t really care where I go as long as it’s nice! And not too expensive: like mid-price range (15 bucks or a little more for an entrée and drinks that are no more than 10 bucks).


  • Sparky

    For “nice” at that price point, the pickings might be a little slim. If you could reserve a table at The Porch (Henderson), it might be about what you’re looking for. Otherwise, how do you feel about Mexican? Maybe La Calle Doce on Skillman, just north of Gaston?

    Another option might be a tapas place, where you could order a ton of small plates.

  • MCC

    I had an excellent time once at Bryan Street Tavern in a similar sized group. The room to the left of the main entrance was reserved for us. The best non-Jay Jerrier pizza in Dallas, Franconia on tap, and old school board games.

  • LCTC

    I would have dinner at Thai Thai on Greenville near Ross. The food is incredible, it is a nice atmosphere and BYOB. Have a couple of bottles of wine with your delicious and cost effective dinner (liquor store across the street has a good selection). Then you are right around the corner from Henderson to enjoy the rest of the night. Be sure to stop by the bar in the back of Swig. Quaint, Quirky, and kinda strangely sexy.

  • Come to The Libertine Bar on Greenville Ave. We’ll reserve you a spot for your party, and nothing on the menu is over 18 bucks (most food items are in the $8-10 range). Plus, we’re a hop, skip and a jump from Henderson Avenue and upper Greenville if you want to move the party elsewhere and explore. We’ll make it fun, promise!

  • kat

    Ditto on Libertine, great atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious food (seriously, not your typical bar food), reasonably priced, and in a good location for moving the party to any of the other locations.

  • Libertine sounds good tonight, actually.

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  • Lauren

    I had the same wish list for my bday party this year and we went to one of my faves, Sangria. The tapas are inexpensive and easy to share, (or affordable enough to not share) and the pitchers of sangria (the sparkling is THE BEST) are also great to share, which makes keeping the cost down very easy.

  • poundofbacon

    Other than the area which you mentioned, you pretty accurately described MesoMaya in what you were looking for. Its off of preston and forest. They have some of my favorite drinks and food in Dallas… and the price range is about right.

  • DFWFoodie

    Always go Mexican – it’s cheap and a fun atmosphere. I’d suggest Matito’s or Manny’s. Both are in Uptown Dallas and near lots of fun bars. I’ve celebrated birthdays at both!

  • HMD

    You can make reservations at Mattito’s- that is always the best bet!

  • allison

    Manny’s would be a good idea because you can walk to bars in the area. It’s so close to West Village, The Loon, etc…

    I would also suggest Victor Tangos. Lots of sharing plates and most of the drinks are right at $10. Plus you can go to bars on Henderson later. I had a birthday there a couple of years back and it was fun.

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  • mlh

    You could also a Food Crawl along Henderson. Just get apps along the way to share with your cocktails. That way people could join you at the beginning or anywhere along the way and then you can move it along if the drink or price point gets too high at any one spot. Henderson would be great for this. The Old Monk has some yummy dishes, along with beers and then you can head to the Porch or Victor Tango’s or even Coalvines. Or start further down like at Capitol Pub, Jack Black’s… Have a fun Birthday!

  • Hey guys, Thanks for all the suggestions! I think I’ll be going with The Libertine Bar to start out with and then check out all the great spots on Henderson (some of which I love and have been to already). @Simon McDonald — I’ll be giving you a call once I have a final headcount. 🙂 Thanks to everyone again.