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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Bolsa Mercado

Yesterday, I was having a nice chinwag with the bad boy of Bolsa, Chris Zielke. I asked him what he’s going to sell at his soon-to-open Bolsa Mercado. He admitted he was still looking for stuff to stock on his shelves. He’s been scouting local producers and come up with quite a bit but he needs help finding more. The focus is on organic, sustainable products but Zielke says, “I want samples of everything that is made locally.”

Do you make cookies, chocolate, jams, jellies, salsa, pickles, eggs, jerky, sauce, dressing, chips, spiced nuts (insert joke here), granola, spice mix, sorbet/ice cream/gelato, olive oil, anything that is shelf stable. (No pastry, bread, or meat.) If so, this could be the push you need to get your stuff to market. Send an email to [email protected] with as much info on your product as possible (photos, website, contact number, story, etc). (Chris, is the check in the mail?)


  • allison

    I would suggest he show up to White Rock Local Market this Saturday (8-1). A lot of locally made products will be available, many peddled by the producer. The Green Spot would also be a great place to scout. The have items like the Dread Head Chef’s salsas & whatnot. I would think WRLM would have a good amount of the types of things he’s looking for.